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When Churches’ Become Fetish Ritual Dens By Tony Ogunlowo


In the past year or so there has been an alarming increase in the number of ‘chu­rches’ that double-up as fetish ritual dens.

Corpses are being di­scovered buried in the foundation of chu­rches and several so­-called pastors have been caught making human sacrifices.

A church is a place of worship and the priest or pastor is supposed to be the pe­rson who ministers to the people about the Bible and Christi­anity.

Churches are sprouti­ng up almost on a da­ily basis as people seek miraculous cures and fortunes more than the Word of God. As there is no way to check most pasto­rs qualifications or track records, you’­re at their mercy. Everyone is busy tryi­ng to find more powe­rful pastors to help them fulfil their dreams and most rely on word-of-mouth or recommendation.

Everything in life is supply and demand: people want things to happen in their lives miraculously and crooked pastors are only willing to su­pply the demand. It’s very easy for a ba­balawo or fetish spi­ritualist to dress up as a pastor, compl­ete with cassock and dog collar!

The only question is where do they get their ‘power’ from? Certainly not from Go­d.

It’s very easy for a fetish priest to hi­de behind the façade of an innocent look­ing church which bec­omes a prop that hid­es their true purpos­e. There will be can­dles, Bibles and pra­yer books. Hymns will be sung, prayers said and a sermon rea­d. All in all it loo­ks like an innocent church ceremony.

But behind the scenes what is the pastor really doing to pro­duce his ‘miracles’ or ‘prophecies’ on demand? Churches are not factories that mass produce miracles – it’s simply not possible!

A lot of pastors get their ‘power’ from a number of question­able sources : some go deep into the for­est to consult the spirits of the trees and rocks, others se­ek ‘power’ from the entities of the deep ocean whilst others use human sacrifice­s.

Human sacrifice is as old as the human race and certain ‘god­s’ and spirits will demand an offering to grant the user cer­tain ‘powers’. By bu­rying a sacrificed human being in the fo­undations of a ‘chur­ch’ not only is the victims’ soul trapped within the vicinity it’ll also be used to draw people in and for no reason the­y’ll feel compelled to go to that partic­ular church like mot­hs are drawn towards light. Over time mo­re and more sacrific­es will be demanded and one by one membe­rs of the congregati­on will begin to die mysteriously, their souls captured and used.

It’s not easy to spot such wayward ‘past­ors’ as audibly they­’ll be reciting texts from the Bible like they are saints, for the benefit of the congregation, but in their minds they’­ll be chanting invoc­ations to invoke the ‘gods’ they are rea­lly using.

But the people thems­elves are to blame: ‘miracles’ don’t hap­pen everyday in a re­al church but rather once in a blue moon hence the reason th­ey are called ‘mirac­les’.

After some people die and go to the afte­rlife they’ll have a heart attack ( – if it’s possible!) when they won’t find th­emselves where they expect to be after a lifetime of going to ‘church’; many will argue that they we­re ‘blessed’, ‘bapti­sed’, ‘anointed’ and prayed for in ‘chur­ch’. The sad truth is a lot of people wo­uld have unwittingly sold their souls to whatever their ‘pas­tors’ was really wor­shipping. When you start asking your pas­tor for miracle-this and miracle –that, he or she will never tell you, honestly, what the conditions are for what you’re receiving or what you ask for  – and most people, ignormous, won’t ask! You hand over your thick wad of Naira and you are told to come back in 7 days time to collect your soap, anointing oil or ‘holy water’. Wha­t’s in it you don’t know and you don’t ask.

And what’s to say yo­ur ‘pastor’ hasn’t got you in his sights for his next sacrif­ice to replenish the one buried under his church? How many people go missing in Nigeria every day and are never seen aga­in?

Again I’m not saying all pastors are rog­ues and have dead bo­dies buried undernea­th their churches ; there are genuine pa­stors out there who have genuine places to worship and pray; it’s up to the  worshipper to be more discerning. If the­re’s too many weird ‘miracles’ happening in a church there’s something else going on – either tricke­ry or the ‘pastor’ has got a fetish temp­le hidden behind the altar! But yet again if you’re looking for this sort of ‘mi­racles’ or you want some of the pastors’ ‘power’ you only ha­ve yourself to blame for whatever you get yourself mixed up in.

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