Google Photos Rolls Out AI-Assisted Suggested Sharing

Sharing Photos Google this week is launching suggested sharing and shared libraries for its popular Google Photos service. With its suggested sharing feature, Google Photos will suggest photos for you to share and who to share them with. The app will use facial recognition to determine who is in the photos and offer to send the images to them. Likewise, Google Photos will keep track of who you usually send your images to and offer to do it for you. You can, however, alter photos or suggested recipients before sending. You will be able to see your Google Photos sharing activity and who ...
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EU Set To Fine Google Over Android OS

The European Union is considering slapping Google with another record fine this time for the tech titan’s conduct with mobile operating systems, apps and services. The European Commission, which is leading the investigation into Google’s Android OS rules, has put together a panel of experts to give a second opinion on the case, sources told Reuters. The news comes just one week after the Commission levied a record-breaking fine of $2.7 billion against Google for violating EU anti-trust laws with its comparison shopping service. As Reuters pointed out, if the panel agrees with the conclusions reached by the Commission’s investigative team, Google is likely to get slapped ...
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Google’s Deepmind Opening Research Lab In Canada

Artificial Intelligence Google-owned artificial intelligence (AI) research company DeepMind is expanding its operations but not where you might think. The U.K.-based company has bypassed the U.S. in favor of Edmonton, a Canadian city located in the province of Alberta. Dubbed DeepMind Alberta, the company will open later this month and will have close ties to the University of Alberta. The company’s decision to locate in Edmonton is due to the expertise of Richard Sutton, one of the top computing scientists in the world and one of DeepMind’s first advisors when the company was started. Sutton, along with fellow University of Alberta computing science professors Michael ...
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Twitter Wins Lawsuit Against US Govt

Twitter Inc Twitter’s lawsuit against the U.S. government over the right to fully disclose national security requests has gotten the nod from a U.S. judge, despite attempts by the Justice Department to derail it. U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on Thursday ruled the lawsuit, a bid by Twitter to have restrictions lifted on the information it can release to the public, had merit. The Justice Department’s arguments, did not, the judge wrote in her ruling. “The Government has not presented evidence, beyond a generalized explanation, to demonstrate that disclosure of the information in the Draft Transparency Report would present such a grave ...
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Microsoft Plans To Reduce Staff Strength In Thousands

Microsoft Microsoft is laying off thousands of workers as part of its recently confirmed restructuring plans. According to numerous media reports, the company is laying off anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 employees in its sales and marketing departments. Microsoft has confirmed the job cuts, but would not reveal how many employees would be impacted.  CNBC, however, reported the cuts would equal roughly 10 percent of Microsoft’s total salesforce and most of the jobs would be outside the U.S. “Microsoft is implementing changes to better serve our customers and partners,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement to the media. “Today, we are taking steps to notify ...
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