APC UK Chapter Relaunches Its Website

The statement added that the present administration of President Buhari has done a lot in laying solid foundation for the country...

Following the recent appointment of 22 men and women as the Interim National Working Committee (NWC) of APC UK Chapter by the APC HQ of our great party in a Caretaker capacity, the Caretaker Committee (CTC) has hit the ground running with a brand new website: www.apcunitedkingdom.com tailored towards the upcoming elections and to continue to propagate the Party and the government of the day.

In a statement by J K Adebola, Chairman APC UK Interim NWC and released by Jacob Ogunseye, he enjoined members and Nigerians to visit the website for fresh updates about the Party and the policies as well as the achievements of the government.

The statement added that the present administration of President Buhari has done a lot in laying solid foundation for the country which the in-coming government of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will build upon and take to a higher level. He advised Nigerians to visit the website to download the Action Plan of Asiwaju to keep abreast of his vision for Nigeria and to vote right by voting Tinubu/Shettima and APC at the forthcoming elections for continued egalitarian governance and delivery of dividends of democracy to all.

He added that Nigeria has a golden opportunity of electing Asiwaju who has been tested and found to be a leader in whose hands we can entrust the governance of this Country and the future of coming generations. We cannot afford to waste the tremendous progress the country has made in infrastructural development.

Adebola reminded Nigerians that 8 years ago during the time of plenty they told us that our economy could not sustain procurement of new trains, but the PMB administration is now providing brand new trains during paucity of foreign earning accruals. He added that 8 years ago, they borrowed in 4 years more than the present administration has done in 8 years with nothing to show for it. Conversely, Nigerians are living witnesses of the infrastructural development the present administration used its borrowing on. This is a testament of a purposeful leadership provided Nigerians by the Buhari administration as opposed to the wasteful 16 years of the PDP.

He is also reminding Nigerians that APC is the first administration that gave true meaning to the mantra: governance is a continuum by completing many projects abandoned by previous administrations across the 6 geo-political zones of the Country. Many of these projects like the 2nd Niger Bridge, Lagos – Ibadan expressway for which funds were appropriated and disbursed but never saw the light day during the wasteful 16 years of PDP.

He added that those who plundered and pilfered our common patrimony in their 16 wasteful years are already encircling the political space spewing and promising an Eldorado they couldn’t provide during the time of plenty. They may have split and scattered across opposition Parties, their message remains the same: same rhetoric of false hope perhaps in the vain expectation that we’ve forgotten so soon the Dasuki gate through which the funds meant for equipping our military personnel to fight insurgency were shared amongst PDP stalwarts and our military were left bereft of adequate ammunition and few seen fleeing from some rag-tag armies, the seized aircraft in South Africa loaded with our petrodollars, our power sector sold to consortium without capacity or capability to distribute the improvement that this administration has brought to our power generation and binding the Country to an irrevocable contract, our national assets sold for peanuts to their acolytes – most of which are now moribund with the attendant job losses which they later pinned on the current administration. The list of their sins is endless, and we haven’t forgotten.

We haven’t forgotten the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy. An idea stolen by the PDP from Jagaban’s Lagos State which was quickly jettisoned upon discovering that it would block the loopholes being exploited to pilfer our common patrimony. President Buhari upon assuming the Presidency dusted up the policy and is now implementing it through which government has now consolidated hundreds of different accounts being hitherto operated by various Departments, Ministries and Agencies.

He added that we’ve also recently unearthed through a whistle blower of another alleged monumental loophole of an SPV Marine Float Account deliberately created by PDP government to launder slush funds – our tax-payers money diverted for other purposes other than what it was meant for.

All of these and many more too numerous to mention are the reasons why Nigerians should reject the oppositions and vote massively for Tinubu/Shettima and APC at the forthcoming elections.

A lot has been achieved by the administration of President Buhari in the last 8 years which are obvious and cannot be wished away by the collective of opposition with their warped narratives, fake news and downright lies.

He reeled out the unique qualities of Jagaban which include the fact that he possesses the Midas touch to make Nigeria great again and assured that with Asiwaju in the saddle, Nigeria is assured of a sustainable recovery on a long term basis, employment for the Youths, revitalisation of our education system etc.

Unlike the other Presidential candidates, Tinubu has been dropping hints about his vast knowledge of economics and how he is planning to keep the country’s economy on a progressive and sustainable growth through pragmatic approach to economic management in the short, medium and long term. And if he could rescue Lagos state from the clutches of Area Boys and hoodlums as well as revive the economy of state that is today classed as the fourth largest economy in Africa of 54 countries, Asiwaju will no doubt replicate his wizardry when he becomes our President.

Asiwaju’s penchant for spotting talent and human capital development for the good of the state is legendary. And because Nigeria is blessed with humongous human and natural resources, I believe when he becomes the tenant at Aso Villa he will harness our human and natural resources like he did in Lagos to better the lot of the Country in all areas.

I recall the intimate engagement Asiwaju had with Diasporans on 5th December 2022 immediately after the Chatham House event in London, he assured Diasporas of his readiness to assist with lobbying the NASS on our Diaspora Voting advocacy and operate an all-inclusive governance and that Nigerians in Diaspora will be head-hunted and appointed into his cabinet. If the Constitution does not allow Diasporas to vote he said, it certainly does not preclude them from being appointed into government.

The electorates are wiser now to recognise the fact that whatever they are going through today is a resultant effect of the profligacy of the past which this administration has been working hard in the last 8 years to correct. We may not be where we ought to be, but we are certainly not where we used to be pre-2015.

Nigeria is too precious to be returned to kleptomaniacs masquerading as politicians whose stock in trade is the pilfering and sharing of our common patrimony amongst their friends, lackeys and hangers-on.

Finally, Adebola maintained that APC UK Chapter is continuing with its campaign to ensure victory for Tinubu/Shettima at the forthcoming elections and appealed to Nigerians to please go and collect their PVCs before the deadline adding this will enable them to exercise their God given right of choosing a leadership with capacity to deliver a prosperous Nigeria we all desire.

Let’s be wise. Let’s vote wisely. Let’s vote Tinubu/Shettima and APC for continued progress for Nigeria.


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