Tinubu: Big Ambition, Big Headache By Jimoh Olorede


SIR:  I released a motivational quote: “Always think and go beyond limitation, as you’re only limited and thwarted by the limit of your thoughts.” Thereafter, my mind quickly went to a man with a large thought and big ambition. The man in reference is former Lagos State governor, national leader and presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

A Yoruba adage says “The size of someone’s head determines the extent of their headache.” The size of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s head in terms of his ambition is big, and this induces a big headache. Tinubu’s headache is so acute. His national stake and presidential ambition have made him the envy of many, including, unfortunately, some of his associates and beneficiaries in politics.

Some of those he helped and liberated in politics cynically continue to denigrate his human development achievements, benefaction and national reputation.

This envy begets criticisms by those who loathe him without just cause. They hate him so much that they recruit many others through social media, conventional media and other unscrupulous outlets to also hate him. To the hate mongers, Tinubu has committed so many crimes. Topmost of these, which has given him so much financial-cum-political clout, is his wealth. They strongly believe he amassed his wealth unscrupulously through politics.

In wealth accumulation, he’s smarter than his rich critics. In political strategy and calculation, Asiwaju is savvier than his adversaries. Some are as rich as Tinubu, but for their greed and self-centeredness, they couldn’t dispense their riches as Tinubu.

I don’t envy Asiwaju at all, not because I don’t want to be successful as he is, but I don’t think I have the size of his big head that can bear his kind of ‘headache.’ His haters know he committed no crime, at least, he has not been legally found guilty or convicted in any conventional competent or even incompetent court of law. But their unsuspecting ignorant hate-recruits may definitely not know this. They may also not suspect their recruiters are manipulatively trying to convict Tinubu illegally in the unaware public court of opinion.

Regrettably, bad leadership continues to stand as a bane and not a boon in the development of our nation. Our national leaders believe politics is a game, and so, they selfishly play it with everything, including our lives and fortunes. Give us good leadership, then there would be a better and greater Nigeria.

Jimoh Olorede, oloredejimoh@gmail.com