Ondo Amotekun Intercepts 151 Suspected Invaders

When the vehicles were searched 10 bikes and various dangerous charms were found


Acting on intelligence on the incursion of terrorists into the Southwest part of Nigeria, 151 suspected invaders with dangerous charms were yesterday arrested by men of the Ondo State Security Network, Amotekun Corps in Ondo State.

They were intercepted around Sango, Akure/Ado road by its team who were on ‘stop and search’ at about 6:30 am as they became suspicious of their movement.

The trailers’ drivers conveying them said they were coming from Kastina, Kano and Jigawa states, claiming that they picked the invaders in groups heading to South West states.

It was learnt that the 151 suspects included five women, hidden behind beans and rice bags inside the trailers.

Confirming the report, the State Commander of Amotekun, Akogun Adetunji Adeleye said the suspects were cleverly concealed behind bags of rice.

Upon interception, we asked of their destinations, some said Akure while others said Osogbo in Osun state. Although, we have not completed profiling them, as none of them has an idea of what they were going to do or their mission. All they were able to tell us is that they entered the vehicle and came to Ondo State.

When the vehicles were searched 10 bikes and various dangerous charms were found

Akogun Adeleye however stress that while respecting their rights as Nigerians, yet, we are not sure of what they are here for, we still feel that while traveling, anyone should have a mission and destination at where he or she is going to.

Adeleye said as long as they don’t have anybody that is ready to take custody of them in Ondo state, we will send them back to their various states.