Dare Never Say Never: A Poem Written By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele


A recalcitrant god will never listen
A defiant lord will always defy the norms
Likewise a stubborn servant, goat and dog
Shout thunderously, never they listen

Pride often preceeds downfall
Many a king had lost their thrones
Many a dog had journeyed unreturned
For not minding to heed that prime warning

Never underestimate anyone
A small friend can make
A tiny enemy can mar
A spark can burn down a mansion

The leaning point is defeat
For the recalcitrant god
It’s as well a winning
For the obedient lord
The lesson must be learnt

No one is all in all
No being is flawless
Dare never say never
Learn to fight and reconcile
Learn to live sinfully and forgivingly

What a pregnant pause!
However, today is still loaded
Tomorrow is also pregnant
Win today, lose tomorrow
Lose today win tomorrow
Lose today lose tomorrow
Win today win tomorrow
It’s the tone of the battle.