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Nnamdi Kanu Brags That He Has Atomic Bomb And Some Igbo Youths Believe Him But He Has Nothing Neither A good Agenda


Some Igbo groups in Nigeria and the Diaspora have petitioned the British High Commission in Abuja to open Nnamdi Kanu’s file for Britain to investigate all the allegations against him over incitement of violence in Nigeria allegedly carried out by the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

The leader of the group Dr Chukwuma Dike alleged that Nnamdi Kanu is sending youths to their early graves unnecessarily.

In his statement, Dr Dike said that they don’t want Nnamdi Kanu to be killing their people again, and that their people have died enough. He said that Nnamdi Kanu does not have a plan or agenda yet he is sending their young people to their early graves.

Dr Dike said that Nnamdi Kanu brags that he has atomic bomb, and some youths believe him, but the truth is that he does not have anything.

He said that Nnamdi Kanu is a British citizen and is now hiding in Britain, that is why they came to the British High Commission to tell the High Commission that Nnamdi Kanu is perpetrating trouble in Nigeria.

He said that Nnamdi Kanu told them not to take part in elections in Nigeria and they agreed to that, but Nnamdi Kanu went behind them to collect money two days to the election, and he came out to tell them that the document for the referendum has been signed, sealed and delivered, and that after the election they are going to have a referendum. And that now, three years after, he is telling them to fight for a referendum. He asked which referendum he wants them to fight for again.

He said that what Nnamdi Kanu is doing now is to be killing security operatives in the South-East region. He asked how can they be killing police officers and soldiers and expect them to be quiet about it, because those people killed are colleagues of the security operatives, and some of them are their best friends. He said that the worst is that even the security operatives that those people are killing are from Igbo.

Dr Dike claimed that Nnamdi Kanu used to send his thugs to kill anyone who do not agree with his policies. He said that they have had enough of him, and that the only way they can make their grievances known is to go to his country, Britain, and table the matter before them. He said that they are not happy with what Nnamdi Kanu is doing in Nigeria. And that IPOB is registered in Britain, that is why they came to the British Commission to ask that private investigations be conducted into the activities of Nnamdi Kanu in Nigeria.

He also claimed that Nnamdi Kanu has buried several people alive in the South-East and has sent his thugs to kill many people. He said that the Igbos in Nigeria and the Diaspora are at the British High Commission to protest that Nnamdi Kanu’s case file be opened in Britain to investigate the allegations they have levelled against him in their letter to the High Commission. And that they want to have a peaceful society and live as free people because they are not slaves.

For sometime now, the South-East region has been rocked by tensions. Cases of police stations being burnt have become a regular incident. Security operatives have also become soft targets for the gunmen in the region. The government and security agents finger IPOB in the attacks, but Nnamdi Kanu has often insisted that the Eastern Security Network was only established to protect the people of the region against herdsmen attacks.

But the Igbo group is asking the British Commission that investigations be conducted into Nnamdi Kanu’s activities in Nigeria, and the investigations will reveal whether he is behind those attacks or not.