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What They Don’t Want You To Know About Amaechi At 56


Excerpts from the Book: THE PAIN OF LEADERSHIP – Chibuike Amaechi’s Experience

“Success is not measured by what you ACCOMPLISH but by the OPPOSITION you have encountered, and the COURAGE with which you have maintained the STRUGGLE against overwhelming odds.”
~Orison Swett Marden

Amaechi’s only crime is that he always chooses to build the future, today!

What do I mean by this? The man who is known as “The Man ahead of his Time” typifies the 22nd Century in a 21st Century. He sees ahead of others and tries to build today what is a coming attraction of tomorrow. His project conceptions as Governor showed a preview of what is to come.

Such characters are regarded as crazy, weird and impossible by those who are grappling with the past while in the present. It is not expected that many would understand or appreciate him because not everyone is futuristic in practice even though we all claim to be in confessions.

Amaechi is obsessed by the zeal to transform his society beyond the expectations of those he leads or works with. This change Agent will always be misunderstood because he’s trying to force people to do away with the lifestyle they are used to and cling to something strange, which they lack understanding.

It’s usually difficult for such people to be valued by a system that applauds mediocrity, which is mistaken for great feats, in the shallowness of their minds.

His passion becomes his pain which rather than pose a limitation to his desire to succeed, spurs him on to greater dreams.

By Adaoha Oby Ndukwe
MEDIA FBI and President, Citizens Quest for Truth Initiative