Speaking the Nations Mind

A SUDDEN VISIT TO MY FATHER (A Poem By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele


Not everyday but hebdomadal
We talk on phone though
He prays for me through that
We exchange pleasantries via that.

Last week, he signalled to leave
“May be today or tomorrow
My son, I’m set, I’m ready
I’m just waiting for the call.”
He submitted. I was scared.
“Baba, why now?”
I asked sorrowfully.
“All my mates had gone.
My wives too.”
Baba told me on phone
Likewise other children.
We rushed down to the village.

My Baba is now old, aged
He’s truly experiencing senility
Everything about him is old
I knocked at the door
His weak hand couldn’t open it
We exchanged handshakes
A strong handshake can tear his palm
So softer than imagined
His voice switches between
Sometimes like a father
Also talks like a toddler
His sight too are not that sharp
He gazes like an albino
He can’t read even with his binoculars
His legs are full of ligaments
He steps tenderly like alligator
His head grows only grey
His cheeks get holes
His teeth can’t munch

Baba tells stories, prays more
Thanks God every minute
Says Alhamdullilahi a lot
Dine less, wines less
Waiting for that call
Very happy to leave
I pray he lives longer