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Abuja bubbles as Oba Babajide Falade marks 4th coronation anniversary


The custodian of tradition, customs and culture of the Yorubas in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Oba Babajide S.O Falade is set to celebrate the fourth anniversary of his ascension as the Oba Aala of the FCT, Abuja towards the end of May, 2021 as made available to our Abuja Bureau Chief.


Oba Falade, one of the frontline traditionists in Africa told our Bureau Chief that, Nigerians should be happy because what the Almighty told him during the 30days feasting with the deities portrays Nigeria to be on the path to progress after the current siege.


According to him, the current insecurity situation will soon be a thing of the past as the solutions to many of Nigerian problems are contained in his spiritual message to all Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora as unveiled in his 2021 Book of Revelation.


Our Yoruba brothers and sisters living and eking a living in the Northern part of Nigeria should remain calm as there is no cause for alarm. Obatala, the god of purity and mercy have decided to show mercy on Nigerians by putting in perpetual hostage enemies of the people, and he will strike very soon unless the bad eggs in government repent and serve the people with love and kindness.


I appeal to all Nigerians to see themselves as brothers and sisters, that is the only way the unity of the county can be preserved, Oba Babajide S.O Falade stressed. The release also stated that, the official launching for the N311M Yoruba Spiritual Temple, Abuja is in the offing