Man UTD were truly robbed, After seeing the Var TV – Luke Shaw


Chelsea and Manchester United sure had a tight game yesterday as both side where unable to score in yesterday league clash. Manchester United fans will be happy with a draw but surely Chelsea fans will be pissed off with a draw as they have now dropped four points from their last two games.
There where less controversies in yesterday match as the VAR involvement was not really needed except in the first half due to Odoi Hand ball in the Chelsea box-18 area.
Lot of Manchester United fans where pissed with the referee decision for not giving them a penalty yesterday after Callum Hudson Odoi hand ball in the chelsea’s 18 area.
At first I myself thought it wasn’t a penalty but after seeing most of the images online of Odoi making first contact with the ball and also seeing what the referee said to Maguire after viewing the VAR TV to know if it was a deserved penalty, I was shocked and now believe Manchester United where truly robbed.
In yesterday post match press conference Luke shaw, the Manchester United left back revealed what the referee said to Maguire as he claimed that the referee was scared to give them a penalty in order to avoid unnecessary talks.
This is so annoying as the Manchester United coach believes the Referee took two points away from them today after not rewarding them a deserved penalty.