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Ndigbo – The Sacrificial Lamb Of Nigeria – Eastern Union


We, the Eastern Union wish to once more sympathise with Nigerians, especially all those who lost their loved ones and valuable properties during and after the EndSARS protests across the country. We also want to appreciate all the good people of Nigeria who are sincerely making efforts for the restoration of peace and normalcy in the country.
The EU wish to at this juncture draw the attention of the Federal Government of Nigeria, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the International Community to ongoing killings, arrest and harassments of Ndigbo, especially those from the South East extraction, in the Rivers State. This is following the second proscription of the already proscribe Indigenous People of Biafra by the Rivers State Governor, Ezenwo Nysom Wike; with the pretex that the recent nationwide EndSARS protests was hijacked in Rivers State by the members of the IPOB. We are alarmed that this recent stand of the governor of Rivers State has led to house to house search and subsequent killings, arrests and harassment of young Igbo youths, particularly those from the South East extraction by the Nigerian Army and the Police in Rivers State following the instruction of the state governor.
According to the information from EU members in Rivers State, the after EndSARS protest house to house search ordered by Governor Wike has claimed the lives of about28 Igbo sons and daughters in four days and about 33 people still missing, this include woman and children. It is disheartening that any slightest provocation and with a flimsy excuses many Nigeria leaders would find occasion to instigate the shedding and waste innocent Igbo blood. The Eastern Union therefore frowns and condermn in strong terms this unwarranted victimization of Ndigbo in Nigeria and this time by its own supposed leaders. We have also observed the heavy presence of the military in Anambra and Ebonyi States respectively, at the request of the state governors.
It is shameful that most of our governjors, eg that of Rivers, Ebonyi and Anambra State have resort to use of our peoples’ blood as their bargaining power for their 2023 Presidential ambitions. This is the reason they do everything anything to please their political allies from other zones, Ndigbo always being at the receiving end. Is it not enough that the Igbo is being threatened by the people from other ethnic groups, even in a protests they did not start or spearhead. Immediately after the EndSARS protests and the subsequent looting and destruction by some hoodlums, one area boy began to issue a threat from far away London to Ndigbo to pack out the South West. Not minding that he is also resident in another man’s land. In Abuja and some other places, Ndigbo were attacked, some of the killed and their property looted by hoodlums who were sponsored to frustrate the peaceful EndSARS protest.
This was protests that happened in almost all parts of the country and by Nigerian Youths from different tribes and religion, why then are Igbos becoming the target for settlement? After the protest while all states and governments are making efforts to address issues raised by the EndSARS protesters and to appease the Nigerian families who has suffered much loss as a result of Police brutality and government umpunity, the Igbo people are being singled out for killings and intimidating by the governors of Rivers, ebonyi and Anambra States, just to score cheap political points. For governor Wike to claimed that the protest in Rivers State was hijacked by Ndigbo under the aegis of IPOB was just to give a dog bad name, in order to hang him. the fact is that the EndSARS protests were not started nor spearheaded by the Igbos, but by Nigerian Youths from different tribe. The EU therefore call on President Muhammadu Buhari to call the army to order, as regards the killings currently going on in Rivers State. We also call on all National Assembly members especially those from South East and South South to rise and condemn this unwarranted attack on the Igbos in Rivers state. We also call on River State governor to retrace its feet and stop these wickedness. In the North we have the shitte, Fulani herdsmen, bandits, and the much dreaded Boko Haram and yet no governor has singled any group or tribe out for killing, then why Igbos again, in Rivers state?
The EU also call on the press to continue to be fair and transparent in investigating and reporting this issues without bias. We believe that these calls on relevant institutions and person will help to arrest the ugly situation and tensions building up.
It is very unfortunate that most people in the position of authority who likes to be seen and heard of always, lacks media conducts and packaging and yet they have continued to display their ignorant to the irritation of citizens; while sycophants praise them. The American forces few days ago spent millions of dollars and indemnified the risk, travelled millions of miles to come to rescue just one soul from the hands of criminal elements that surrounds Nigeria, but Nigerian government army does not value the life of an average Nigerian, they rather shed the blood of Nigerians than rescue. May God save us.