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El-Rufai Confirms Fayemi’s Pact with the ‘North’


Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State on Saturday confirmed that Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi and people of Norther Nigeria are working towards a common goal.

Inviting Governor Fayemi as a Guest Speaker at an event held in Kaduna on Saturday morning, El-Rufai threw caution into the winds as he declared to invited guests that Fayemi was not at the event as the Guest Speaker by accident but for a purpose.

In trending video, the governor said the ‘North’ doesn’t do anything without a reason and that the reason for the chummy relationship between Fayemi and the ‘North’ would be unveiled soon.

“Inviting Dr. Fayemi (as the Guest Speaker) is not a coincidence. We never do anything in the north by accident. There is a reason (for inviting Dr. Fayemi) an the reason will be unfolded as times go on,” El-Rufai said.

It will be recalled that some political observers in Yoruba land have, in the last one year, be suspecting that Dr. Fayemi was entering accord with the north to lobby either for the position of president or vice president.