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Who is Afraid of Asiwaju 2023 Project


Who is Afraid of Asiwaju 2023 Project

“I do not admire Tinubu because he is a saint, I do not admire Tinubu because he is from the south, I do not admire Tinubu because He is a Yoruba. If I wanted saints, I will proceed to heavens not earth. Every human is fallible, I admire Tinubu because he saved Nigeria from the danger of falling into “One Party State. He has nurtured many renowned successors, he strategically terminated PDP 60 years life span in 16 years.” These are not my words, these are words of world renowned Nobel Laureate, the great Wole Soyinka about Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Asiwaju is not a saint, he won’t himself admit to being one but one thing we would agree is he has proven time and time again that he is cut from a different cloth.

Asiwaju was the light at the end of the tunnel and that saw the end of P.D.P in 2015, it set a new dawn in Nigerian politics. Indeed, Asiwaju can be said to be the Koseleri of Nigerian politics. This is a man who rose from being the lone voice in 1999 as an Alliance for Democracy Governor to becoming a political gladiator. Among his pairs and even supposedly people who are above, he has proven to be ten steps ahead.

It will be interesting to point out that since 2007, Asiwaju has not occupied a political office neither has he been given a political appointment but this political juggernaut excels anyways.

No official statement has been released as to if he will be contesting in 2023, yet there has been series of attacks on his personality in the last week, this begs the question, WHO IS AFRAID OF ASIWAJU 2023

– Akeusola Femi

Tinubu Support Group(TSG)