Speaking the Nations Mind

“Nobody is contesting leadership with Gov Seyi Makinde.



Ayo Fayose is not contesting leadership with anybody including Makinde. But being the leader of the party doesn’t also mean he will be in control of PDP in all the state chapters.

“The truth of the matter is that PDP in Southwest has never been run as a one-man show and it won’t start now. When Fayose was the only governor, he was not involved in who was PDP chairmen in Osun, Oyo, Lagos, Ondo and Ogun. Those people in those states chose their own people who will want to lead them. But reverse is the case now.

“Politics is a game. You play your game I play my own. When I play my own, don’t complain, just go and play your own. It’s a game. When you are playing your own, I won’t complain. Smart politicians don’t sit in their bedroom complaining about what their opponent are doing. They also play their own game. So, Ayo Fayose is playing his own political game. Others should also play their own. If Fayose took people to go and meet Secondus, they should also take people to go and meet him.”

-Lere Olayinka