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Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq: A Living Trailblazer In Governance – Pastor Adeniyi


For close to two decades, Kwara State and by extension Kwarans were under a siege, a governance conundrum, a catch-22 that made observers ask endlessly; “Would there be a help anytime soon?” It was such a pathetic situation for the entire state under the last two (2) administrations. Governance was totally lost.

Pastor J. O. A. Adeniyi, Chairman APC Kwara State Chapter, United Kingdom

What Kwara witnessed as democracy was a subterfuge – a stratagem orchestrated to hoodwink the public and the entire citizenry for 16 years. Rather than pursue people-oriented manifestos, the handlers of state affairs would, for whatever reasons known to them, bird-dog an agenda built around ‘self’. Therefore, the entire populace was subjected to untold hardship of poor health delivery, non-extant water provision, educational hiccups, social insecurity, roads among others.

When therefore, the broom revolution tagged ‘Ó tó géé’ began shortly before the 2019 general elections, it did not take long before it garnered momentum.

It was dulcet to the populace that, alas, a reprieve was nigh! The endless inveighing – on the social media and as well across the state which did not matter to the supposed ‘owners’ of the state may have finally come to an end. The need to bring back a ‘people-centric’ governance ferreted the emergence of the reticent but altruistic scion of the ABDURRAZAQ, the legal luminary family; Gov. Abdulrahman A man who had distinguished himself in sterling and flabbergasting performances at every point in his work and professional career. As a successful businessman and philanthropist, it did not take Kwarans any effort to doubt his readiness to serve the masses.

Beaming a searchlight on whether Kwarans made (or not) the right in choosing Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq in the last gubernatorial election in the State of Harmony over his other contestants is better seen when the first 365 days (in office) of his administration is x-rayed.

Without gainsaying, the activities of the Abdulrazaq-led administration in Kwara State has been under close watch by many Kwara State indigenes and by extension the undersigned, Pastor J.O.A. Adeniyi, Chairman, Kwara State Wing, All Progressives Congress, APC, United Kingdom Chapter. Of particular interest is his decision against all odds, to forge ahead with a commission of enquiry to examine the legality and appropriateness of the sale of public assets from 1999 to 2019 when he took over. This is no doubt the hallmark of a forthright leadership with deep sense of transparency.

His milestones in other areas are worthy of commendation. In recent times, Kwara State’s employment indices for the second quarter of the year 2020 showed the State’s unemployment rate dropped from 21.1% to 13.8%, one of the lowest, by the way, in Nigeria. It further explains the people-oriented policies of the state’s number one citizen, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq.

Kwarans may never have had it better than now in recent times. It is a public knowledge that one of the bane of underdevelopment in the State is the lack of portable water accessible by the entire state. Subsequent governments had paid lip service to provide succour in this area. This challenge, the current administration had tackled headlong. Perhaps, in a long time, one of the local governments that will not forget Abdulrazaq’s administration in a jiffy is Moro Local Government. The people of Alateko Community in over 50 years have had to grapple with no water except for a stream which hitherto served as their sole source of drinking water. Same source of water was used for defecation and laundry until the Abdulrazaq administration provided motorized borehole that is clean and portable for domestic use. The Alateko Community would be eternally grateful that they would have to walk miles to get water again.

Since his assumption of office, the Abdulrazaq’s administration had so far recovered over N9billion worth of cash and properties from the last administration. N4.8bn recovered on tax refund. N161m was recovered in cash. 10 properties and cash worth over N3.6bn were all recovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). A panel of inquiry was also established to investigate alleged monthly diversion of N300m of local government funds of his administration.

For him, it is all about transparency. This same transparency is seen in the activities of the Ministry of Works and Transport. The endless road repairs and construction. The drainage construction in Ilorin metropolis to forestall the perennial flood experienced by locals among other visible projects.

Of recent, his leadership through the State’s Ministry of Health commenced comprehensive renovation of Children’s Specialist Hospital located at Centre Igboro in Ilorin. This is aside rehabilitation of 37 Primary Health Centres across the State to give medi-care to the public. The delivery of 2.3m insecticide nets to combat malaria scourge and tackle headlong maternal deaths.

Aside costing the State a whopping N3.3bn, the project came providing over 5,000 adhoc jobs for the common man. With the evolving world and its dynamics, the Abdulrazaq-led administration saw the need for native solution to some of the medical issues or cases that confront the people quotidian; his government decided to partner with the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) in the production of quality and curative herbal medicine. For him, it is all about total wellness for the citizenry.

Do we need to go into his strides in education within the space of 365 days? Of course, his sterling performance is overt. Only weeks back, he made the top 5 among the 36 governors of the Federation to shoulder some of the burdens that served as bottlenecks in the education sector, especially the ones that affected proprietors and teachers in private schools. That’s aside further efforts at creating enabling environment for businesses to thrive. His leadership invested heavily in Information Communication Technology (ICT) where a hub is created to ensure youngsters can learn new ideas such as artificial intelligence, software engineering, digital marketing, graphic designs, marching learning among other engagement that can make them productive thereby reducing the crime rate and social malaise. The innovation hub alongside Ilorin Visual Art Centre are both created to generate thousands of employment for the teeming youth of the State.

Success, they say, is the ability to afford anything whatsoever without disturbing anybody. The question now is so far so good, has the leadership been successful within the resources available to him and the time? Of certainty, it is a capital ‘yes’.

Kwara State and Kwarans have never had it this better. It is our belief therefore, especially those of us Kwarans from the Diaspora that the way the state government is moving is in the right direction. And we believe firmly that the state leader, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq will not allow himself be distracted on the altar of political patronage. Kwarans have suffered untold hardship in the hands of the past locust-handlers of the state affairs. It is time the State is put on the path of steady progress.

May AA succeed!

Long live Kwara!
Long live Nigeria!
Long live All Progressives Congress

Pastor J. O. A. Adeniyi
APC Kwara State UK Chapter