Speaking the Nations Mind

Edo2020: Politicians are at it again.


By: Benedict Aguele

As the September 19th, 2020 Edo state governorship election draws closer, major political parties in the state have already begun to beat the drums of war, portending dire consequences for the “Heartbeat of the nation”.

Yesterday, being the 25th July 2020, one of the political parties in the contest decided to flag off their campaign, following which they proceed to the palace of the Oba of Benin Kingdom to seek royal blessing from the revered monarch of the ancient kingdom.

This act ordinarily ought not to have drawn any form of controversy as the Monarch’s palace is known to always be open for all political actors to seek counsel on peaceful conduct, the Oba being nonpartisan.

According to eyewitness accounts, Both Political parties had mobilized their supporters to the venue and as expected had a dangerous clash erupted, with supporters on both sides sustaining various degrees of gunshot wounds and properties worth millions destroyed.

While one would have expected that by now Nigerian politicians have learnt from their contemporaries in other civilised climes, it appears our politicians are so set in their primordial ways and are hell bent on never copying anything that is good and beneficial to Nigeria’s progress.

Thuggery and violence before and during the election should not be encouraged under any guise whatsoever.

Politicians, who smile and hug themselves while going through the motions of signing peace accords, should learn to border their campaigns on issues that center on how they intend to bring development to the people if voted into power.

Lastly, politicians cannot carry out all of this bazaars of violence without the aid of some segments of the youths who they always engage to carry out violence on their behalf during electioneering season.

There seems to be a conspiracy among the ruling class to keep a reserve army of unemployed youth that can be deployed to foment unrest on the populace to impose vested interests on the general populace.

Political Thuggery has become a very lucrative subsector in Nigerian political industrial complex and it is destroying our youths by the day.

So long as we continue to shield and protect these known thugs in our various communities the trend will continue.