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APC UK Thanks Nigerians For Supporting Buhari’s Administration Despite Challenges


The All Progressives Congress (APC) United Kingdom chapter has expressed gratitude to Nigerians for standing firm with the President Muhammadu Buhari-led adminstration in spite of the country’s challenges.

Mr Ade Omole, leader of the chapter spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.

He assured that the President Buhari-led administration would not compromise delivering good governance and democracy dividends to the people in spite of the Country’s challenges.

He said whatever storm the country was presently going through would soon be over, adding that all that was needed, was the support and encouragement of party members and Nigerians generally.

“We must always remember the cliché that a house divided against itself cannot stand, giving Nigerians electoral deliverables cannot be compromised by the Buhari-led administration,” Omole said.

He thanked the Almighty for preserving the life of President Buhari especially during his travails and the excruciating experience he had during the first two years of his first term in office.

“We believe strongly that his subsequent triumph against all dooms day prophesies could not have been by mundane, but an empyrean cum ethereal powers.

“We pray that the President will be armed with wisdom, tenacity, resolve and all the wherewithal that are necessary to delivering a legacy that would remain evergreen in the annals of Nigeria’s political history, “he said.

He, however, noted that in spite of the country’s current challenges, President Buhari had recorded many firsts since his assumption as a civilian President in 2015.

The APC UK leader added that one of the many firsts to Buhari’s milestones was the payment of gratuity to the abandoned Biafran retired soldiers.

He said President Buhari also brought smiles on the faces of retired and abandoned pensioners of the defunct Nigerian Airways who were left by previous administrations by paying their retirement benefits.

He said the second Niger Bridge, a project that would revolutionise economic and industrial activities of the South-East Geo-political zone was receiving adequate attention by the Buhari-led government.

Omole expressed believe that one of the legacies the Buhari’s administration could leave behind aside its intractable fight against corruption and revamping infrastructural and economic decay was to deliver more on governance.

He said the administration was also working to ensure that all government agencies and ministries delivered on their mandate geared towards lifting the masses out of poverty.

He thanked President Buhari for instituting forensic audit of the activities of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and other government agencies in the country for transparency.

Omole said that though the confessions and revelations coming out of the corruption probe of the NDDC left a sour taste in the mouth, the Buhari-led administration was resolute to fight corruption in the country.

He, therefore, commended the Presidency for taking the resolve and showing to the world that the corruption fight was total and that there was no sacred cow.

Omole said the previous administration would have taken the reports and revelations coming out of the NDDC probe as a family affair and swept it under the carpet, thereby bringing ridicule to the country before the international community.

He noted that President Buhari however, needed the support and cooperation of APC members both at home and in the Diaspora now than before to continue to deliver on the party’s electoral mandate.

This, he said, would go a long way in making Nigerians repose their trust more in the capacity of the APC to deliver good governance.

He added that party members must see political appointments as a call to service, and not an avenue for covetousness and avarice.

“Members must not be self-serving for this will put the party in serious electoral jeopardy in subsequent election year, especially in 2023.

“It will do the party no good at all if whatever legacy the Buhari-administration is laying at the moment is not consolidated by continuity in 2023.

“Therefore, party members must eschew all differences for the common political and electoral wellness of all, our activities must be centripetal but not centrifugal to the ideals and credit of our great party,” he said

He also thanked Nigerians for standing firm behind the Buhari-administration despite all the theatrics and cacophonic from the ongoing investigations and probes of the NDDC especially.

Omole said that it was important for Nigerians to know that the recent revelations from the NDDC point to the fact that the Buhari-led administration does not joke about its fight against corruption.

He assured that the Buhari-led APC administration was serious about lifting millions of Nigerians out of poverty by creating employment and revamping the economy.

He added that the recent happening in the country, especially the probe of the NDDC by the National Assembly would not be a distraction from good governance, but an impetus to unearth more.

“The race is on, the progressive trajectory is too important to be slowed down by unnecessary dramas.

“The APC-led government is resolute, resolved, committed, undaunted, unshaken and unfaltering in its efforts to leave a lasting legacy.

“The APC United Kingdom Chapter will like to express its appreciation to President Buhari on his efforts at combating, in all fronts, the security imbroglio bedevilling the country.

“His resolve at nipping terrorism, banditry and kidnapping in the bud is noted with hope against hopelessness of the past, optimism against despondency and result against deception, Omole said.

He added that the chapter’s support for the APC in 2015 when it was in the opposition and in 2019 against all plots by the opposition, remain unshakable.

He assured that the chapter would continue with unshaken support encouragement and galvanise the public to help the Buhari-led government deliver the dividends of democracy and to leave a lasting legacy.