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Edo PDP stakeholder task elites on youth empowerment


A stakeholder of the Peoples Democrati Party (PDP) and theHouse of Assembly candidate for Oredo West constituency in the state house of assembly, Eghosa Agbonifo has called on the elites in Edo state to ensure empowerment of young persons and desist from giving them crumbs under their tables.
A ststement issued in Benin City, Agbonifo condemned the situation where some young Edo persons have in recent being displaying attitudes that portend disrespect to certain prominent Edo sons and daughters.
He however attributed the seeming disrespectful behaviour to the practice of throwing crumbs at young people for immediate and most times selfish interest rather them empowering them for sustainable living.
He said “There is need for attitudinal change on the part of Edo elites. Many of them believe that getting immediate gratification by using many of the young people for their selfish interests forgetting that the activities of these young persons who most times are abandoned after being used comes around to haunt them.
“The era of throwing crumbs at the boys should be over, Edo elites should adopt the popular Chinese principle of teaching a child how to fish rather than giving him fish since continuously giving is not sustainable. The recent situations where you now find some young Edo sons casting aspersions on respected Edo sons and institutions is condemnable and must not tolerated under any guise”
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