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Transparency Group Slams Lebanese Company For Disobeying Court Order + See Court Papers


A civil society group, Transparency Centre Network has called on the federal government to urgently call to order the Lebanese community across the country that has constituted themselves to ‘Lords of the Nation’, through impractical activities that are not in the interest of the nation.

In a statement by the group in Abuja penultimately, the spokesperson, Comrade Segun Jones said it is regrettable that the kindness and love extended to the Lebanese community are not being reciprocated. Citing the recent affront of Mr. Houssam Diab, the Lebanese Ambassador to Nigeria on the members of the House Committee on Diaspora, the group lamented that such an insult can only be accommodated in Nigeria.

“Whereas this impunity and audacity cannot be entertained in Lebanon, it is a pity that our government could not sanction the Ambassador for his recklessness. The Lebanese community have left behind the creed of humility, rejecting the temptation to become puffed up to the detriment of a people whose kindness and accommodating nature and becomes arrogant because of affluence which ordinarily could not have happened in their home country in consonance with a corrupt elite who use them in their pursuit for riches and wealth through financial terrorism. It is an open secret that the majority of these Lebanese claiming to be expatriates with ego are mere artisans in Lebanon”.

The group calls on the federal government to rise above the narrow-minded mentality of being a brother’s keeper in the face of the surge in her citizen’s maltreatment in the hands of these so called expatriates and repatriate those who entered the country illegally. “Our attention has also been drawn into a Court judgment involving one Mr. Michael Ogunjobi and Hajiag Construction Company, a Lebanese company in which a vehicle belonging to Hajiag Construction Company on May 28, 2013 had a fatal accident with Michael Ogunjobi’s truck along Itapa hills which claimed the live of Mrs. Osawitan Mojisola and five others were seriously injured.

Hajiag Construction Company has refused to obey the judgment delivered before Hon. Justice L.O Ogundana in the High Court of Ekiti State, Ikole Ekiti since 23rd March, 2018 who awarded Mr. Michael Ogunjobi, the claimant large sums of money as compensation after several court appearances. Such a flagrant disregard for constituted authority and the rule of law cannot happen in Lebanon, hence justice must be done, the statement said.

“We are using this medium to call on Hajiag Construction Company to hasten action and obey the Court judgment within 30 days. Transparency Centre Network will use every means possible within the law to make the company pay the compensation thereafter”. We are aware that the said vehicle belonging to Hajiag Construction Company that destroyed and killed a Nigerian has no particulars and some of the Lebanese at the company are illegally residing in Nigeria the group stated.