Speaking the Nations Mind

Universal Letter to Corona Virus (Aka Covid019).


By: Princess Edith Omoligho Ngozi Aguele

Dear Corona (AKA Covid-19),

We thank you for the lessons you have come to teach us, humans. We thank you great teacher of fear and sickness. We thank you for the wisdom and knowledge you are sharing with humanity.

We are grateful for these lessons and wish to accept our guilt in all that we have done or failed to do. In humility and shame, We accept our faults and the sins committed against humanity and our planet earth (i.e Our Environment).

WE wish that in accepting our sins and guilt to humanity and mother earth, that you release us from the bondage of sickness, hunger, terror, violence, fear, wickedness, evilness, and all negative energies.

We know what we must do to have a balance, live in peace, harmony, and elevate ourselves to best represent divine.

We must love all as one, because we are one divine, respect all living things and honor our planet as the carrier of all that is and will be.

Lesson learned, release us, and go now!!! depart from us dark teacher and show thou true self – radiant (healthy) light teacher we accept light, love, and peace for all!!

Let the divine light shine on all humanity, blessing us with love, peace, harmony, and wellbeing (‘a state of being happy, healthy & prosperous”).

Let all who read this message do so with the absolute belief that our words and positive thoughts can call being (life) our wish and know that the divine will answers our prayer(s).

My Prayer for the wellbeing of humanity and earth.

Princess Edith Omoligho Ngozi Aguele wrote this piece from the federal capital territory, Abuja.