Speaking the Nations Mind



The attention of the OSE GHEDO
FORUM WORLDWIDE  has been drawn to the mischievously packaged orchesra , aimed at tarnishing the towering personage and image of our nonpareil philanthropist cum industrialist, a great worthy son of the Benin Nation, Captaiin Dr. Hosa Okunbo JP. under the pretext of an unfounded and satanic political assumption of not playing ball and so their planned protest to the palace of the Oba of Benin to hoodwink him is untenable and  against his fundamental human rights and not in accordance with the laws of natural justice, equity and fair play.
We wish to unequivocally put the records straight that as a foremost unbiased Pan Benin Socio-cultural organisation, OSEGHE-EDO, will not seat back and allow mischief makers harass, intimidate and spread falsehood against our quintessential patriot,* CAPPY*, under any guise. We wish to inform these mischief makers that it is evil to thread this path of attempting to pull down a man so loved by the Benin race, friends and associates to satisfy the self seeking ambitions and motives of embattled politicians.
The revered Captain Dr. Hosa Okunbo, a renowned and very successful professional pilot who retired from service without blemish and opted into legitimate businesses. Today by God’s grace ,he is an accomplished industrialist and a consumate businessman of international standard and repute. Infact he is one of the few key individuals driving the Economy of this great Nation to its desired place of pride and abundance. In Edo state here, we are all aware of his chains of investments that have successfully created thousands of jobs for our indigenous teeming youths and profesdionals. 
The last time we checked,  CAPPY, was a member of the PDP before he called it quit with politics We are also aware that he has not spoken of his interest in the Edo state politics, so why go for his Jugular unnecessarily? We the concerned five million Binis both those at home and in diaspora see this campaign of calumny as an affront on the sensibilities of the Benin Nation and a calculated attempt to rubbish the sanctity of the goodwill of the Binis and at the same time take our humane and modest dispostions as a mark of weakness. You cannot take this one, okay, one of our finest to your slaughtet house of calumny and riddicle.  
We enjoin all and sundry, the sponsors of this falsehood and the plotted protest desist forthwith from acts that lead to cataclysm. To be fore warned is to be fore armed . We will not watch this heresy repeat itself a second time again, enough is enough.
We wish to re-iterate that we will not seat and watch this crass contempt on our exceptionally distinguished Sons and daughters in the name of politics. Captain Dr. Hosa has become an institution due largely to his incisive business acumen, uncommon philanthropy as well as exceptional generosity to Nigeria across socio-economic, cultural and political divide
Let it be known that prolific industrialists are not subject of political propaganda in any ideal society and as a country with established security and cultural ethos, the full arm of the law must stretch forth against all those seeking to tarnish the Benin Sons and  Daughters hard earned names, else our people will have no option than to resort to self help. 

A forensic understanding of the political spectrum suggests clearly that some people are deviously twisting all manner of facts to suit their premeditated propaganda against their perceived or imaginary enemies. In the light of the foregoing, it has become exigent and expedient to appeal to the law enforcement agencies to beam their search lights on politicians as well as their supporters, hirelings,sycophants and their naysayers who are plotting to embark on an unholy civil disobedience by mobilizing our youths against our exemplary Benin patriot whom has severally insisted that he is not interested in Edo state politics and that his friendship transcend partisan political boundaries or divide.

 The mass of the Benin youths are advised not to allow themselves to be used by these self seeking politicians who desperately want to use them to achieve their inordinate ambitions and dump them again as usual. A word is enough for the wise.

1) Kenneth Erhunmwunsee
      National President

2)Esosa Igbinoba

Vice President

3) Osahon Uwagboe