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Benin Coalition Movement: Let Captain Hosa Okunbor have his peace


Captain Hosa Okunbor is an illustrious Bini son who has a very humble beginning. Over the years he has been able to carve a good reputation without blemish for himself through genuine businesses and philanthropic gestures.

It is saddening to note that some persons of questionable character have continued to drag the name of this noble personality into Edo politics. Often times he has come out to condemn such allegations through his media spokesman. It is imperative to inform the public that Captain Hosa Okunbor cannot play sentimental politics and he sees every contestant in the forthcoming gubernatorial election as his friend and brother and that even in a family there are also the good, the bad and ugly.

So, Captain Hosa Okunbor should not be cowed by wicked and unscrupulous elements into a situation where he can’t be left free to exercise his fundamental human right of exercising his right of choice for who to vote for or support in the forthcoming elections in Edo State.

We, the above-named association, want to condemn such absurdity and malicious allegations against our beloved Edo son and therefore insist that these people of questionable character should henceforth desist from dragging him into Edo politics and persistent negative attacks.

The general public should please take note and disregard all negative attacks bent on discrediting his personality which he labored tirelessly over the years to build.

We urge and encourage Captain Hosa Okunbor not to relent or be distracted in his vision of actualizing a Greater Edo.

Oba a tor kpe e!.. Ise!!