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Breaking: Ekiti Govt. Names, Discredits APC UK Rogue Elements


Ekiti state government has disowned a group that hosted the Political Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari, Senator Babafemi Ojudu in the United Kingdom a few days ago.

The announcement was made in a press release signed by the special assistant to Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, Mr Femi Odere.

The script reads:


A virtual interactive meeting with the distribution of e-flyers and deployment of other social media communication tools was announced in London by a shadowy, fringe elements that broke away from the main and only APC South West Nigeria UK with former Senator Babafemi Ojudu as the special guest. The theme of the virtual meeting was “June 12: The Road to Immortalization.”

The arrowhead of this rogue group (whose members are about 9 in number) is one unknown Muyiwa Adesua, its rogue chairman and few shadowy characters including Andrew Taiwo, Tunde Doherty, Olawuyi Alao (ofab), Kolawole Saidu and few others who previously have been sharing false information and discrediting the Ekiti State Government.

Once this virtual meeting became public knowledge, Ojudu was called and advised against appearing at this meeting by the leadership of the main APC South West Nigeria UK and a few Southwest leaders in Nigeria.

These leaders advised Ojudu to desist from participating in this virtual meeting as doing so would likely cause further polarization. Ojudu obliged, claiming not to be aware of the fact that those who invited him to the meeting were members of a breakaway faction from the main APC Southwest UK association that enjoys recognition in all the APC political organs including the presidency in Nigeria.

Few days later, Ojudu sent messages to those who had earlier contacted him not to cause further disaffection to an APC organization in the UK that had enjoyed cohesion and common purpose since its establishment in 2014 that he would honour the invitation.

On realising that Ojudu seemed to have made up his mind to appear at this interactive meeting, they further warned him that these rogue elements would rubbish him at the end of it all as they are never credible. Equally surprised that Ojodu had reneged on his word not to appear at this virtual meeting, well respected APC chieftains in the Southwest, were intimated about Ojudu’s move to cause further polarization in their organization.

The leadership of APC South West in Nigeria were reported to have advised Ojudu to cease and desist from any move that could cause further disaffection but, unfortunately, the admonition of these respected APC leaders was not heeded.

What the leadership of the APC South West Nigeria UK did not know is the fact that Ojudu’s several voyages in crying wolf when there was, and is, none just to discredit Fayemi and his administration, using all manner of tactics to achieve his nefarious objectives, is in the upswing at home.

The virtual interactive meeting was held but rather than discuss the June 12 theme of the virtual meeting, governance in Ekiti State and the perceived failure of Governor Kayode Fayemi was the main topic of the meeting with orchestrated questions to Ojudu on and about Fayemi and Ekiti state from this group. After further investigations, it became clear that Ojudu was actually the one who instigated this so-called virtual interactive meeting despite his initial claim that he knew nothing as to the existence of a rogue group from the authentic APC South West Nigeria UK so he could use another fake platform outside Nigeria to discredit Fayemi and his government.

A disclaimer has since been issued by the leadership of APC South West Nigeria UK about this rogue meeting.

Senior Special Assistant (Diaspora Affairs) to Ekiti State Gov.