Speaking the Nations Mind

Wailers: Enemies Of The State By Joseph Adebola


A few days ago, I was forced to run one wailing Wailer off my Facebook wall and contact list without wasting my energy blocking him. He deleted himself.

After reading his diatribe as his response to my post, I referred to him as intelligently stupid. That was completely out of character for me but I felt at the time that I needed to call this guy out for what he represents.

This guy gate crashed my wall uninvited and jumped on my post with his usual vituperation, to which I responded he needed to grasp the fact that his opinion of me or this government does not count in my book. But as is usual with Wailers who never seem to grasp the reality that they and their paymasters has been consigned to the scrap heap of nonentities by the electorates since 2015, came back again with more stupid comment (same reason I choose not to block them cause I know they will always come back, and I enjoy bashing them silly). I kept giving back harder than he gave till he got tired and ran off my wall with his tail between his skinny legs by blocking himself from my contact. I won the battle of wits which, I must confess, was one-sided in my favour – to be honest.

I got ghetto with this guy this time because I recalled he once jumped on my wall few months ago, again, uninvited, and was throwing around the usual Wailers diatribe about PMB and this government. He was joined by few other Wailers in their usual herdsmen mentality and I had to show them that they’re not enough for me to have for breakfast. During that encounter, I also recall advising this Wailer to re-channel his anger towards PMB to his state governor who monthly goes to Abuja to collect his allocation and call him to account and he replied that he had no allegiance to a “Court imposed governor.” That tells me what I needed to know about him. There are many paid Wailers like him on SM who are daily trawling the walls of people they consider as Buharists and harassing them at will. These trawlers assume that because I am UK based, I must be an “Ajebo.” If only they knew that I am a certified graduate of the street from Naija (born & bred) and, having spent more than half of my earthly existence in Naija before travelling six thousand miles to live; re-train in a different profession and survive as a practicing professional in a foreign land placed me at a vantage position to assess and see the situation in Nigeria objectively.

It is true Nigeria is nowhere near where it should be within the comity of nations blessed with commensurate human and natural resources. It is also true that this government is daily trying its best to put in place basic infrastructures and creating enabling environments that will ensure economic growth for the country. If only previous governments since 1999 had done half of what this government is currently doing, Nigeria would have been way ahead of where we are now.

Dr. Doyin Okupe, one of the GEJ advisers, told us few years ago at the time of plenty revenue accruing to the land that the GEJ/PDP Government couldn’t afford brand new trains for its citizens, yet this government is providing the same citizens just that and more at a time that our revenue has nosedived into almost nothing. At the time when oil was selling on an average of $135 a barrel, our industries were folding up but now that the same oil price has fallen to below $30 many small and medium scale industries are springing up everywhere. In spite of all these, some “see-no-good, hear-no-good and speak-no-good about Nigeria” wants us to believe that the country is on the verge of breaking up.

Thank God that some of us who has lived in Nigeria and have the opportunity to see the other side of life in places considered as “saner climes” are seeing what is really ‘cooking’ in Nigeria which is for the benefit of future generations. The fact that I was fortunate to enjoy in the largesse of those Udoji and Essenco (Essential commodities policy of the Shagari’s govt. in the 1980s – for those in the know) years of plenty does not mean I should not be objective to see how unsustainable such lifestyle is in the long run. It will also be selfish and unforgiveable for me to wish that the profligacy of yester-years should continue not minding the importance of bequeathing to future generations a prosperous nation.

This is why I count it foolhardy for anyone to be blind to the difference in the borrowing under this government which are tied to specific infrastructures against the borrowings under previous governments which (to this day) could not be traced to anything tangible except to the private accounts of some powerful individuals. Perhaps the reason some people are supporting that type of economy is because of the stipends that trickle down into their pockets from the funds that was meant for laying solid foundation for the future of our children.

I thank God that I don’t belong in that school of thought and will never be. That’s why I pitch my political tent with the Progressives and will continue to support it for as long as this government continues in this trajectory of building solid foundation for future generations in its Next Level agenda.

Long Live PMB! Long Live APC!! Long Live Nigeria!!!

J K Adebola (MNIM; MCICN)