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Uche Ogah: Investigation On Corrupt Practice; Truce and the misconception of facts.


Allegations of gross corrupt practices and financial crimes levelled against the honourable minister of States for mine and steel development, Uche Orgar by National Coordinator of Coalition of Public Interest Lawyers and Advocates led by Barrister Pelumi Olajengbesi has been resolved and truce made as it is only a product of misconception and unavailability of facts to the petitioner.

Why is there a great concern about allegations or petitions, then few formal complaint investigations result in findings of false allegation. Simply put, the stakes are high. There may be negative impacts on career and reputation. Potential job loss or discipline is a reality. The stress, time, effort, frustration, and financial cost take a toll on the parties. Establishing the basis for a complaint, or defending against allegations, particularly if this entails proving a negative—that something did not happen when it is alleged it did—is often a difficult and lengthy process.

The embarrassment and emotions attached to allegations and evidence can undermine even the strongest individual. Orgah least needs this at a time like this

The truce does not think of allegations as being “true” or “false” but important that clarity be set.

It is simplistic and unhelpful to frame allegations as “true” or “false”. Doing so leads to confusion and misunderstandings
An allegation is a statement of belief that some wrong or harm has occurred and to this extent, Pelumi Olajengbesi is right through his organisation to make demands and all needed information’s have been given and peace achieved.

We wish to commend the openess of the Honorable Minister Uche Ogah in attending to the allegations levelled against him and the readiness of the petitioner to accept the fact provided towards a lasting peace for national development and protection of individuals dignity.