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Opinion Poll: Buhari Narrowly Beats Atiku


The President and the candidate of the Nigeria ruling party, Mr Muhammadu Buhari has narrowly defeated his main rival, Mr Atiku Abubakar in an opinion poll on the social media of one of the online newspapers in the country.

The Reflector Newspaper had run the opinion poll on its Facebook and other social media platforms for a week where over fifty thousand Nigerians voted for candidates of their choice.

The result shows that Nigerians are roughly divided equally on the choice of who becomes the number one man of the most populous black country in the election scheduled to hold next year February.

Mr Buhari had won the poll with 53% while Mr Abubakar got 47%.

President Buhari is the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and will slug it out with the former number two man of the opposition party Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The issues in the election will likely to be centred on the economy which has seen some downward trend since the assumption of President Buhari into power in 2015.

Other areas include security which has also been undulating as ethnic clashes continue in the country. There are a lot of killings between the herders and the native people of Benue, Taraba and Plateau states which have been greeted by international condemnation.

Meanwhile, the corruption allegations against the former number two will also be a big issue in the campaign.

However, the online platform has promised to continue with the poll on a bi-weekly basis. And the results will always be announced to Nigerians.

The United Kingdom-based online newspaper is reputed for its originality and wide coverage of events in Nigeria.