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Omoyele Sowore: Candidate For Real Change In 2019 By Bayo Oluwasanmi


Throughout history, real change come not from inside the political system, but from ordinary people. People who change the world aren’t always the people you expect. They’re lowly poor men and women who believe in a better world or a better country.

Rosa Parks refused to obey the bus driver’s order to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus so a white person cold sit there. Parks’ act of defiance led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott December 5, 1955 in the US and it became pivotal moments in US civil rights movement.

Tunisian street vendor Mohammed Bouazizi out of desperation of living inn the edge set himself on fire in December 2010, became the symbol of the suffering of all Tunisians. Bouazizi’s death led to the overthrow of Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The Tunisian uprising in turn led to the Arab Spring movement that ultimately toppled regimes in Egypt and Libya.

There was unidentified Tank Man who stood directly in front of a tank near Tienanmen Square in China on June 6, 1989, the day after China’s bloody crackdown on student protesters. Tank Man has become internationally recognized symbol of resistance to government oppression.

You’re able to read this article, thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee for the World Wide Web invented in 1994 at MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. Mother Teresa, a humble Albanian nun, changed the world forever with a mission to touch thousands of lives by nursing the sick, visiting the dying, educating the poorest children and going on countless missions. She spent 69 years in service of the world’s most in-need populations.

Six months ago or so when Omoyele Sowore presidential candidate African Action Congress (AAC) started the TakeItBack Movement, some people called him a day dreamer, attention seeker, inconsequential, and other derogatory names in their political dictionary. Sowore has since disrupted the political space in Nigeria. Saturday, October 6, AAC held its convention in Lagos with over 2,000 delegates from the 36 states of the federation and nominated him as the presidential candidate of the party.

Today, Nigeria is a national tragedy, a monument of collective shame. Most Nigerians agree that the final flicker of hope for a nationhood has been extinguished. Nigerians have seen a small group of robber barons in government get very, very rich in the last 30 years. The glittering mansions, the fleet of jets, the lusts and luxury of these tiny elite group of thieves is stark contrast to inequalities, rampant corruption, abject poverty, and crumbling public infrastructure. Our youths have become armed robbers and prostitutes. Our healthcare system is in the intensive care unit (ICU). The education system is of no utility.

Nigerians are constantly on the edge: confused, terrified, hopeless, stranded. We’re sitting on a keg of powder of explosive mix of poverty and terrorism. Poor Nigerians want change. They are sick and tired of the Old Brigade of Thieves that had ruled Nigeria for 58 years. In the place of hope, outrage and indifference, anger and apathy, and shocking violence. There’s danger ahead.

We’re well aware Nigeria would explode without the safety valve of democracy, without a fearless leader with vision, vigor, rigor, courage, boldness, capacity, capability, political will, passion and compassion. Omoyele Sowore has proven over and over again that he possess these qualities required of a leader for a troubled nation in troubled times.

As an activist, Sowore knows Nigeria’s needs and demands. His knowledge and background would inform his presidency on issues. As president, he’ll maintain his activist principles that fueled his fight on behalf of Nigerian poor for the past 30 years. Sowore is an activist, orator, an organizer, a patriot and a dissident. The military era and student jagged opposition to military dictatorship spurred and elevate Sowore to a leadership position in the struggle against oppression, injustice, and tyranny.

The annulment of June 12 provides Sowore a larger freedom struggle that evolved in tandem with Sowore. The man and the struggle each lifting one another to a greater heights. The June 12 events further cemented his standing. Sowore led demonstrations that provoked uprising against the military intruders.

With the nomination of Omoyele Sowore (AAC), President Muhammadu Buhari (APC), and Abubakar Atiku (PDP) and other candidates,the stage is set for battle for  the presidency. When a leader projects purpose and passion for his vision, he creates an atmosphere of expectancy among the people. Sowore has created such expectancy in the relatively short time of six months with his town hall meetings in 29 of the 36 states of the federation  and dozens of countries overseas:

A sense of destiny: Sowore communicates a sense of better future, the belief that they’re in this together. (2) A sense of family: He’s been able to convince the people that they’re joined together as a family by his mission – a vision of a better tomorrow. (3) A militant spirit: He assured them that he’ll match his representation with a militancy that the urgency of the task ahead demands. (4) Connection: Sowore knows how to connect with the youths. He speaks their language. He expressed empathy and compassion for their predicament, and brings courage to their dreams and pursuits.

Sowore has been able to articulate his vision emphasizing that instead of contagious selfishness, there should be contagious servant-hood. He old them that to get ahead, put others first. His vision rest squarely on the acronym SPICER – HEAT (security, power, infrastructure, corruption, economy, restructuring, health, education, agriculture, tourism). He exudes integrity and honesty that will serve him well.

He’ll use the bully pulpit of the presidency for social change, economic development, and prosperity for all Nigerians. He is the candidate for real change in 2019. Nigeria needs a troubleshooter in order to grow, develop, and for safety and security. Results with resolve – Omoyele Sowore is the right candidate.

Let’s go there!