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Bauchi Youths Warn Hon. Ningi Against Politics Of Violence, Thuggery


Youths group under the name, Ningi Youths for Transparency (NYT) has described Hon. Salisu Zakari Ningi’s political activities in the state as brazen display of thuggery, violence saying if not checked is dangerous, and a threat to the lives of people of Bauchi state.

Read statement bellow;

We watch with dismay a dangerous campaign trend at the instance of on Mr. Salisu Zakari Ningi.

We at the NYT wish to state that, we found the tone and nature of his campaign ugly, dangerous and totally unacceptable to us as stakeholders in the peaceful electoral process of this region.

It must not be said that we left our guards and allow another era of violent politics to take hold of our political space.

If we have those who are bent on taking us back to the sad and ignoble past, we owe ourselves a duty to say an emphatic no!

We must show the world that our politics has evolved beyond the politics of thuggery and bloodshed being canvassed by Hon. Ningi especially under the sensitized political atmosphere provided by the Governor M. A Abubakar.

The open campaign of calumny, thuggery and violence being championed by the said Salisu, a supposedly Hon member of the House of Representatives leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

We believe that if he is not made an example of, his actions will no doubt spell a reversal of the gains we have made in restoring peace to our region under APC led administration. His brand of politics, despite his claims to Harvard education, is an open invitation to the indecency that our politics must never again be plunged in to.

NYT has obtained and analyzed the video of his campaign train in which he and his supporters wielded dangerous weapons and rained unprintable abuses, and we are indeed shocked.

We believe that if Salisu Zakari Ningi’s action if allowed to pass, it will leave a dangerous trend that may in turn hurt us in uncontrollable dimensions and temper with peace and stability not only in Ningi but the entire Bauchi State.

We believe that our highly impressionable youths need figures that will empower them with proper values and not ones who will dispose them to violent crimes like Salisu is leading them under his new party, PDP.

We therefore, call on the good people of Ningi/Warji to show the world that we deserve a representative that is truly honorable and decent by rejecting him and his dangerous and hateful politics.

His defection from APC to PDP must not override the need for of credibility and good character.

We call on the security organizations and the Independent National Electoral Commission to launch an enquiry into our claims and mete out appropriate sanctions and restriction accordingly.

Signed: Ningi Youths for Transparency (NYT)

10th September, 2018