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Group Lauds Troops’ Gallantry In Repelling Boko Haram At Gudumbali


The Coalition Against Terrorism and Extremism (CATE) has commended the gallantry of the Nigerian Army repelling the remnants of Boko Haram, that had attempted to attack innocent civilians in Gudumbali.

The group said the army continues to show commitment in its constitutional role of securing the territorial integrity of Nigeria, despite facing various challenges, from both local and international collaborators

In a statement signed by its national coordinator, Gabriel Onoja, CATE, however, frowned at attempts by foreign media, especially the AFP to downplay the gallantry of the army in the fight against terrorism.

He stated that it is unfortunate that the strategic manoeuvre deployed by the army to repel and push back the terrorist attack in Gudumbali has been interpreted as abandonment of the military base by persons, who, lack military skills, and want to interpret the encounter to support their own terrorist team.

“What we have learnt is that there is no iota of truth to the false news making the rounds that troops and an entire community have been sacked in some parts of the northeast. The story could have only emanated from the mischievous imagination of the wicked elements that wish to return Nigeria back to 2014,” he stated.

Onoja noted with concern the penchant for AFP, a France based media organization to always twist Boko Haram attacks on Nigerians.

He urged the Nigerian media to rise to the occasion and play their role in defending the country as against what the foreign media is doing.

He warned that the interest of the country should be placed first in media reportage, stressing that “ISIS members trying to invade Nigeria from neighbouring country is something that calls for concern and not a matter to be celebrated as the activists-propagandists for the group are trying to make Nigerians believe.”

Though, the CATE boss expressed confidence in the ability of the military to clear the remnants of the terrorist group but warned that more attention has to be given to the frequency to which heavy weapons are smuggled to the terrorist group from neighbouring countries.