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Atiku’s Return To PDP Remarkable – Sowunmi


The Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Organisation has described the return of the former Vice President to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as one of the significant things that has happened to the party recently.

Mr Segun Sowunmi, Spokesman of the organisation told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Friday in Abuja that Abubakar’s return had been widely accepted among party’s stakeholders.

Sowunmi, who described Abubakar as a dignified personality and phenomenal in the political space, said that PDP had received a boost since the return of Abubakar.

“Abubakar is one of those people you can say everything he touches around political space turns to gold.

“The significant thing that happened was that Atiku return to PDP and immediately you can see that the discussion in the media and around the country changed.

“He has been able to tour round the whole country, visit the leaders and stakeholders. Even as we speak he is still busy going round to intimate people of his ambition.

“He is a pan Nigeria leader who has come back to PDP and had helped the party to move beyond compartmentalization of becoming a South-South and South-Eastern party and now make it get back it’s colors and vibes again.

“Since Atiku came back, PDP has not been the same again. The political atmosphere has changed.

“If you check on all the social and conventional media platforms, you will find out that, the decimal has increased a bit for PDP and Atiku,” he said.

Sowunmi, who was also former Director of Jonathan-Sambo Campaign Organisation, said that it was the self-discipline and political maturity of Abubakar that allow him to freely interact with all stakeholders.
“He is a kind of leader that Nigerians need. He is a leader who knows how to carry his cross; put his head off and keep walking with followers.

Speaking about the Collation of United Political Parties (CUPP), that was recently formed, Sowunmi said the collation needed someone like Abubakar to rescue power in 2019.

Sowunmi said that anybody who would be leading such a coalition to a critical election must have access to contacts, rich support from a large retinue of people and opinions of Nigeria.

“The way Abubakar has meandered his life around the political space, he has been able to create loyalties everywhere.

“So if you want to do a rainbow coalition he is someone who is PDP, who is a bit of APC, a bit of Action Congress of Nigeria, Social Democratic Party, other parties, all matched into one and that one person is Atiku.

“No other living Nigerian politicians has the ability to be at home with the nuances, the styles, opinions, wishes, ideological differences of the political parties that come into coalition than Atiku.

“And more than likely all of the players have benefited from either his loyalty or his support, mentorship, generosity or his partnership. So it is payback time,” Sowunmi added.