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Russia Probe Must End Right Now, Trump Demands


US President Donald Trump has ramped up his attacks on the Russia investigation by demanding it end “right now”.

In a series of tweets, he said Attorney General Jeff Sessions must halt the inquiry into alleged election meddling.

Mr Trump also labelled special counsel Robert Mueller, who leads the probe, “totally conflicted”.

His remarks are notable because he himself has previously acknowledged the US Department of Justice should be free from political interference.

According to US media, some Trump aides believe that Mr Mueller will report soon on the findings of his 14-month investigation as they relate to the president.In a fusillade of tweets on Wednesday, the Republican president also lashed out at the case against his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, whose trial is entering its second day.

Mr Manafort’s trial is the first arising from Mr Mueller’s investigation.

Mr Trump also said Mr Manafort was being treated worse than the Prohibition-era Chicago mobster Al Capone.White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders later said at a press briefing that the tweet is “not an order”.

She described it as Mr Trump’s “opinion”, adding: “I think he’s been crystal clear about how he feels about the investigation from the beginning.”