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My Wife Sleeps With Another Pastor, Clergyman Tells Court


She told the court that the applicant wrongfully accused her of adultery. Her word: “At a time my husband accused me of dating a pastor at Okitipupa and his student who was living where we first rented an apartment when we came to Akure”

On grounds of adultery and negligence of duty, a clergyman, Pastor Ayewaleyinmi Elkanan Olumide has approached a customary court sitting in Akure, the Ondo state capital seeking the dissolution of his 21-year-old marriage between him and his wife, one Mrs. Oluwakemi Ayewaleyinmi.

The pastor, who told the court in an unequivocal term that he was no longer interested in the union accused the wife of being adulterous, flirty with another pastor and having an affair with one of his students.

He accused the respondent of going out and coming back home whenever she likes.

“Sometimes, she sleeps outside her matrimonial home without any permission from me,” he alleged.

He said the wife does not take care of him and their children. He testified further that he was the one cooking and doing other house chores.

He thereafter begged the court for the custody of the two children in order to give them adequate care.

The respondent, Mrs Oluwakemi Ayewaleyinmi denied all the allegations made against her by her husband.

She narrated her ordeal to the court, saying they were introduced to each other through match making by her father when the husband came from abroad.

She stated that they got married in 1997 then the husband went back and promised to come and take her along to live with him abroad.

She explained that she waited for his return but the man did not return to Nigeria until after six years.

She claimed that when the man came back, he started begging her for forgiveness because his long absence was not their agreement. She testified that he even sent his brother to appeal to her, saying it was the work of the devil.

She narrated “I cannot understand why he stayed so long. I asked him if he had married another woman over there, to which he said no”

The woman explained that her husband decided to come back to Nigeria after spending 28 years abroad with the reasons that he was tired of the place and that he was returning home to do the work of the ministry.

According to the woman, one fateful day when she wanted to wash her husband’s clothes, she found some pictures which the husband took with a white lady and a kid.

She explained to the court that when she asked him about his relationship with them, he said he was just helping them.

The woman described her husband as an impatient man, claiming that in the course of not being patient, they had attended seven to eight churches.

She told the court that the applicant wrongfully accused her of adultery. Her words: “At a time my husband accused me of dating a pastor at Okitipupa and his student, who was living where we first rented an apartment when we came to Akure”

The respondent testified further before the court that on occasions, the husband had thrown her along with her belongings out of his house.

Her claims were that her husband no longer wants her because she did not own a university degree.

Her words” “My husband knows that I was not a graduate when he married me but he chose to marry me nonetheless, now he wants to marry a university graduate after I have two children for him,” she lamented before the court .

“There was a time my husband doubted the paternity of our two children. I told him to go for DNA test,” she said further.

She however admitted that the husband is the one taking care of the children except that he did not allow a father/children relationship between them.

The woman said the husband has not been giving her money for the upkeep of the home for the past eight months.

She explained that what led to her sleeping outside the house was as a result of desertion, when the husband left the house and the house rent elapsed.

She claimed that since she couldn’t afford to pay for a new apartment, she resorted to sleeping in a church along Oda road, Akure.

She requested the court to grant her the custody of the two children, since he was the one that is no longer interested in the marriage, asking the court to order her husband to divide his property into two and compensate her.

Counsel to the respondent, Barrister Grace Obanigba prayed the court to be magnanimous towards the woman because she has taken care of the two children involved in the union.

She argued that despite the fact that the respondent saw a picture of another white woman with a kid after deserting the woman, the woman still accepted the husband when he came back.

Obanigba said that the loneliness and emotional trauma the woman went through were enough for the husband to appreciate her when the husband returned from abroad.

She stated that after chasing out the woman, the husband is requesting for the custody of the children and argued that releasing the children to the husband will be a great harm to the mother.

She prayed the court to look critically into the case so that the woman will not suffer, saying all what the applicant has said are allegations which cannot be substantiated.

She then urged the court to discountenance the plaintiff’s claims and prayers and the custody of the children be granted to their mother while the upkeep allowance for the maintenance of the two children should be considered.

The case was adjourned till August 30, 2018 for further hearing.