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Why Divorce Cases Are On The Increase


According to the Oxford English dictionary, Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage either by the court or another competent body.

The process of a divorce begins with filing a petition, getting temporary orders for support or custody, service of process, the response, negotiation, trial and order of dissolution.

Divorce is often very expensive, and comes in various forms including collaborative, mediated Fault or no-fault, uncontested or contested divorce, among others.

In which ever form it comes, divorce takes a heavy toll on those involved, as well as their children and extended family members.

According to the Parish Priest of Christ Church, Umuenwelum-Anam, in Anambra West Local Government Area, Reverend Canon Samson Ogbuka, the church will always opt that couples stick together as the children are always the major victims in a divorce .

He regretted that children of divorced parents suffer mentally and also develop negative characters.

Reverend Canon Ogbuka, listed childlessness, unforgiving spirit, infidelity and secret sins as major reasons for divorce.

A former State Secretary of the International Federation for Women Lawyers, Barrister Helen Obi, said many married couples are living together in the same house as strangers or just room-mates, pretending to be happy in public and social media but suffer in the inside.

She counted communication gap, unspoken expectations, lack of care, poverty and violence as some of the major reasons for divorce

A marriage counselor, Nancy Obiesie, however believes a marriage can fare better if couples spice up their sex life, communicate more, love each other, are patient and tolerant, attentive to the feelings and needs of their partners and respect each other.