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Kano Youths Ask Buhari To Revisit Peace Corps Bill


The Kano Youths for Change Initiative (KYCN) has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to reconsider his decision on the Peace Corps bill.

KYCN’s, Convener, Zaharadeen Ahmed, who briefed newsmen on Monday in Abuja, said the youths were surprised that the president declined assent to such youth-oriented bill.

Ahmed said he was imagining what would become of the huge number of youths who had received distinctive training for various national engagements by the Nigeria Peace Corps.

“The thoughts of having these huge numbers thrown back to the streets to idle away are better imagined than felt as it is said that “an idle mind, is the devil’s workshop”.

“We make bold to ask our father, Mr president, what do we then expect from these youths other than increase in organized crimes and other mischievous activities leading to social vices?

“It is in this light that we wish to appeal to the president to give cogent attention to any programme or ideas that are set to productively improve the degrading state of the army of unemployed youths in the country.

“One of such programme or idea is the yet-to-be-born Peace Corps of Nigeria. We call on Buhari to rescind his decision and assent to the Peace Corps Establishment Bill for the sake of our teeming youths lessening away in jails over avoidable crimes committed out of pure idleness.”

He said the Peace Corps was not a security outfit as alleged by other security agencies but a core advocacy and technical support agency meant to provide legitimate supportive skills for our youths as a proactive instrument for growth and development tool.

Ahmed said that the corps could be a sublime panacea against communal, inter-ethnic, cult-related crisis through intelligence gathering from social events, schools, markets among others to extant security agencies.

“`We appeal to our president once again to recall the bill and append his esteemed signature to the Peace Corps Establishment Bill.

“We believe this will serve as one of the most effective, and by and large, a viable avenue for job creation and nation building as he promised Nigerians during the electioneering campaign before the 2015 general elections.

“If this is done, Kano State and her youths will continue to support President Buhari’s aspirations and efforts of the APC-led government to put Nigeria on the right paths with sincere hope that this when keyed into will go a long way in serving as a potent campaign gimmick in the forthcoming general elections,’’ he said.