Speaking the Nations Mind

CNM Denies SDP Collaboration Rumour


The attention of the Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM) has been drawn to the speculation that it has endorsed the Social Democratic Party (SDP) as its political platform.

It is imperative to categorically state that such insinuation is completely false. We urge all Nigerians to disregard it, as CNM is not in collaboration with SDP for any purpose.

While we understand the yearning of Nigerians for a credible political alternative, it is imperative that such an alternative is not imposed on Nigerians, but that it is instead a product of our collective decision and aspiration. At this time as a Nation, we are not in doubt as to the myriad issues that affect us and the need to resolve them.

However, if we are to surmount avoidable challenges, then there is a need to ensure that the issues that have brought us to where we are as a Nation are adequately captured and a strategic and concise plan mapped out to give every Nigerian, irrespective of tribal or religious leanings, a sense of belonging as we work to help Nigeria take its rightful place among the comity of nations. To achieve this, we cannot afford to leave any Nigerian behind, particularly our women and youth.

The Coalition for Nigeria Movement has since its inception provided a strong platform for Nigerians to converge, voice their frustrations and challenges, and collectively chart our direction as a Nation. This is an ongoing process and we will not be hounded into making divisive and ill informed decisions to satisfy people who have directly or indirectly contributed to our national malaise and decline.

At the right time, which will be very soon, the Movement as a team will make an announcement on its strategic plan that will leave no Nigerian in doubt of where we stand, and most importantly, the plan will be one that will not leave any Nigerian without hope of a viable future in a safe and prosperous Nigeria.