Speaking the Nations Mind

Between Obinna Onwubuariri And Chike Okafor By Kizito Duru


My dear friend, Barr Olebara Oguguolamobi Paschal, in an attempt of mischief, made a post yesterday morning wherein he compared the activities of the above named young Federal Lawmakers and concluded that one has outperformed the other. Surely, the upwardly mobile Paschal, just like every other person, is entitled to his opinion, but to set the record straight and to guide the reading public, Hon Chike Okafor and Hon Obinna Onwubuariri are not in a battle of supremacy.

None of them has spoken ill or criticized the other in public. They are bossom friends who are committed to the enormous task of legislation. They only difference between the two gentlemen is that while Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri is a reserve type, who keeps everything he does low and out of the media, Chike Okafor is more of a phlegmatic personality who enjoys being in the news, which is not bad, especially as a politician.

No doubt, Chike Okafor is enjoying the privileges, advantages, edge and entitlements that come with his position as a Chairman of a House committee. As a Chairman of the House Committee on Health, Chike Okafor has done well even when it is not his comfort zone as a former banker. He has leveraged on his position, which was made possible by his membership of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC), to secure jobs for some youths in some health parastatals, notably the NAFDAC. Hon Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri, who suffered two disadvantages, first, as a time timer at the Green Chamber and secondly as a member of the opposition party, has equally given jobs to some youths of Okigwe Zone, especially in the military and para-military forces of the country. I know this may sound as a surprise to some of his critics. I shall soon publish the names of some youths who are in the respected Army force of Nigeria and those who are now policemen, courtesy of Hon Onwubuariri.

The Amaraku born Onwubuariri has presented seven Bills and Sixteen motions in the house, which is not a poor return in two years. This has made him one of the most active parliamentarians from South East, alongside Chike Okafor, at the Green Chamber. We should celebrate these two young men. Chike Okafor and Hon Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri have huge respect for each other, they recognize they are humans with imperfections, hence they compliment each other’s weakness. Those who want to criticize either of them should do so solely on the basis of their performance than mere comparison as no two individuals are the same.

It becomes more disappointing when one considers that such unwarranted comparison of the duo are coming from youths who should see them as role models. In an era when the clamour for youths involvement in leadership of the country is on top gear, persons like Hon Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri and Hon Chike Okafor should not be symbols of comparison, rather symbols of hope to many youths. They have raised our faith, belief and confidence as youths by showing that the we are not leaders of tomorrow that may never come, but leaders of today.