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APC Exposes How Wike Created Insecurity In Rivers State


Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) came hard on Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State for linking the party with the recent upsurge of insecurity in Rivers State knowing very well that he Wike is the creation of the monster (Insecurity) that is currently ravaging and placing the State in a very bad light.

The APC reminded Wike that he has forgotten that Amaechi did everything humanly possible to arrest the security challenges of Rivers State by ensuring that kidnapping, beheading and every form of criminality was nipped in the bud, adding that in the year 2013 there was no single armed robbery incident reported in Rivers State, not talk of kidnapping and other heinous crimes that are the order of the day under Wike’s watch. 

The All Progressives Congress expressed surprise that over two years Governor Wike is saddled with the responsibility of governance of Rivers State he is yet to come to terms on what governance is all about, as to him, governance is all about insulting and maligning his benefactor and predecessor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi erstwhile Governor of Rivers State and incumbent Minister of Transportation. 

The party in a press statement circulated on Thursday by Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze the SSA Media and Public Affairs Consultant to the APC Rivers State Chairman, Dr. Ibiamu Davies Ikanya explained that Gov. Wike crossed his limits when he accused APC leadership of hobnobbing and wooing the 32 ex-militants he recently declared wanted.

The Statement reads: “We wish to state unequivocally that APC was never built or established on the foundation of militancy and doesn’t need any militant whether ex or present to defeat Wike and his cohorts come 2019.

This notwithstanding, we will like to reassure all and sundry that we will not continue to watch and allow any innocent Rivers State man to be killed under any pretext by anybody henceforth all things being equal. We will collaborate with the Security Agencies and the Federal Government to frustrate all Wike’s uncivilized acts of making our State Rivers of Blood.

“Let us reiterate that the present insecurity situation in Rivers State was the brainchild of Governor Wike and not Amaechi or any member of Rivers State APC as he has continued to state before any gathering that he finds himself thinking that he dealing with fools.

“For avoidance of doubt, we will like Wike to assist us answer the following questions to ascertain who actually is the creator of the current insecurity challenges facing Rivers State?:

1.  Was it Amaechi or APC that created the deadly and infamous Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI) in 2014 which he used to molest some Northern Governors that came to Rivers State in 2014 to sympathise with the then Governor of Rivers State, Amaechi over his ordeals in your hands and of course in the hands of Dr Goodluck Jonathan the then President of Nigeria?


2.  Was it Amaechi or APC that sponsored the GDI members to Abuja to harass, beat up, molest and dislodge over 11 key Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members that wanted to contest the 2015 governorship election under the PDP platform at the party’s National Secretariat at Abuja in 2014?.


3.   Wike should assist us to unravel the Minister of State of Education that visited some notable former war lords from the Niger Delta in 2014, soliciting their support for his gubernatorial ambition and was reported to have donated his six months’ salary to Tompolo Foundation in order for him to support his gubernatorial ambition that led to the present instability in Rivers State. Was it Amaechi or any member of APC that embarked upon this inglorious move? For avoidance of doubt this Link explains it all:http://www.thescoopng.com/report-nyesom-wike-donates-6-months-salary-to-ex-militant-tompolo-foundation/


4.  Was it Amaechi that brought and used the then Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mbu to destroy all the security architecture that Amaechi put in place to sustain the security and peace of Rivers State? It is sad that Wike could turn around to start calling Amaechi names shows that he is suffering from selective amnesia and not truthful in his attempt to malign the person and personality of Amaechi


5.   Was it Amaechi that boasted that he will deploy his wide contacts within the Judiciary to recruit everyone necessary to ensure he has his way in Rivers State?


6.   Was it Amaechi that initiated the gradual resurgence of ex-militant groups that had hitherto taken flight from the state to Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Abuja due to the tough stance of the Amaechi-led administration on militant activities in 2014 that made the Rivers State people to continue to sleep till now with their two eyes widely opened?


7.   Was it Amaechi that stated, “Amaechi has not started crying yet. We are free of any arrest; no police will arrest any member of GDI or interrupt their activities or gathering in this state. Don’t forget, it is Amaechi who was ordering police to arrest GDI members anywhere they are gathering. Now he is the one crying over arrest and disruption of APC gathering in the state. He has not started crying: the police will continue to chase them until they learn how to follow the due process before hosting any meeting or rally. Rivers State is for PDP. The best thing for Governor Amaechi is to resign and have peace, because as long he remains the governor, he will never have peace.’ For avoidance of doubt, your exat statements are contained in this link:http://www.thescoopng.com/amaechi-has-not-started-crying-yet-boasts-nyesom-wike/


8.     Was it Amaechi that sponsored some of these ex militants to become Law Makers in Rivers State House of Assembly?


9.   Or was it Amaechi that appointed some of these militants as Local Government Care-Taker Committees Chairmen under your watch?


10. Was it Amaechi that nominated and anointed one of these ex-war Lords as Royal Traditional Ruler?


11.  Was it Amaechi that introduced bombing after the Nigerian civil war in 2014 when your boys bombed the APC State Secretariats in Okrika and Andoni?



12. Was it Amaechi that sponsored the shooting against the Okirika APC rally where a Police Officer was murdered?  The Channels TV Live broadcast of that event demonstrates the animalistic side of your type of politics.


13. Was it Amaechi that arranged the militants to protest in Port Harcourt and blocked the Government House to prevent Amaechi from travelling to Abuja for a meeting?


14. Was it Amaechi that gave you the matchet which you threaten to use to slaughter any APC member in Rivers State as captured in the attached video?


“That Wike brought up this monster of insecurity that is currently ravaging the State is very clear to all right thinking person. He has by this done much damage to the psyche and image of Rivers State and we are convinced that with the promise of President Buhari to ensure free and fair elections come 2019 the nuisance value of Wike will be curtailed accordingly.


“The party therefore urges the Rivers State indigenes and non indigenes resident in Rivers State to unite and use this period of INEC continuous registration exercise to obtain their voters’ cards so that we can collectively ease out Wike’s Shenanigan, abuse of power and exhibition of absurdity for the emancipation and growth of our dear State.”