Speaking the Nations Mind

Develop People Oriented Policies In 2018, CAN Tells Buhari


The 19 Northern States and Abuja chapter of The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) have appealed to the federal government to come up programmes that make its citizens be patriotic.

The Northern CAN in a statement by its Spokesperson, Rev. John Joseph Hayab said the government must come up with policies that will help the citizens to be happy.

“Our leaders need our prayers and support to lead us right. Leaders need to love their subjects and come up with programs and policies that will help citizens to be happy and patriotic,” he said. The body also charged Nigerians to contribute their quarter for the promotion of peace and unity in all parts of this country in the New year.

He said: “Our citizens are hospitable, gifted and wonderful in every area of their endeavours. If we have any resolution for the new year then let it be to love all people. Forgive those who may have wronged us. And form godly alliance and unity that will bring better results in our community.”

They added that Nigerians should resolve to put aside issues and things that can “divide us and make good use of our differences of tribe, Region and Religion by building more bridges of friendship, love and brotherhood.” “Our youths and future generations should learn how to accept, appreciate and work with others in the new year without fear or prejudice,” they said.