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$1 Billion Insurgency Fund Illegal, Wike Tells Buhari


Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike on Friday described the approval of $1 billion from Excess Crude account by Nigeria Governors’ Forum as illegal.

The Governor updated the President on the Security situation in the State.

Speaking to State House Correspondents after the Closed door Meeting, Wike said the meeting centred mainly on Security, adding that he was happy with the discussion.

Describing his Relationship with the President as cordial, the Governor said their discussion also bordered on other Developmental issues in the State.

He said: “I’m happy with the discussion and I believe that something has to be done about (Security) it. Nothing Political just Security issue that affects the State and things that may lead to the Breakdown of Law and Order. We talked on Security challenges and he received me very Well.

“We don’t have any bad Relationship, I come here when he asked me to come.’’

He also Criticised the $1 billion approved by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum to Fight insurgency in the country.

According to him, the approval was illegal.

Wike, however, said he was in Support of any effort embarked upon by the Federal Government to address Insurgency and Environmental Challenges in the Niger Delta Region.

He added: “Even though for me it’s Illegal, for me it is. However, we are told we are Fighting Insurgency and no right thinking Person in the Country will say that he would not Support the Government in Fighting against Insurgency.

“But on the other hand too, I believe that when you are talking about Environmental issues in the Niger Delta Particularly the Ogoni Land I believe that we can also take Money from there (Excess Crude Account) to solve the Problem of Ogoni Land and other Niger Delta areas. That is my Position”

On the Allegation that he Manipulated the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Congress to install his Candidate as Chairman of the Party, Wike said it was impossible for an Individual to Install a Party Chairman in the Country.

“It is Impossible for one Person to own a Party. The only thing is that people are vibrating and the Ruling Party is Jittery about it,’’ he said.