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Tochukwu Ukadike Launches Presidential Campaign Under PDP


A presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tochukwu Ukadike, has called on Nigerians to join him in building a strong, united and prosperous nation.

Ukadike made this call in a statement to declare his interest to run in the 2019 presidential elections on the platform of PDP on Monday in Abuja.

He said Nigeria had all it required to achieve her potential of greatness not only as regional power but also as a strong economic voice in the comity of nation.

“The chronicles of our leadership voyage as a nation show clear that Nigeria has been unfortunate in terms of governance.

“The bug of ill-governance has doubtlessly eaten voraciously at the threads of development which ordinarily should have been utilised in building a great nation.

“The resultant challenge and pains of this poor governance are self-evident and can be palpably felt across all sectors.

“Presently, we do not have a functional health system. From the Aso Rock clinic to the healthcare centers in rural communities, the case is one and the same; no modern health equipment, no decent facilities, no pharmaceuticals, inadequate manpower and all.’’

He said the masses were left to suffer the brunt of poor healthcare and were at the mercy of brutal nature as few elite sought professional medicare abroad.

According to him, no nation develops at a faster pace than her citizens are educated as Nigeria still lags behind in terms of prioritising education.

Ukadike said that when students were properly educated, there would be less instances of unemployment as they would be more productive by tapping into their innate potentials with the help of innovative knowledge.

“Power generation and distribution has remained in a state of poor fluctuations.

“As the key driver of industry, the absence of an efficient power supply system has led to the collapse of many firms while some have chosen to open shop in neighbouring countries and import from there into Nigeria.

“This sure has resulted in capital flight and loss of thousands of jobs. Billions of naira is spent annually in purchasing and servicing heavy duty generators which leave behind a huge sludge of pollution.

“Our infrastructure is in a decrepit state, dotted with bad roads from north to south.

“These bad roads have become death traps to commuters as countless numbers of precious human lives have been lost due to these bad roads. Economic activities have also been negatively impacted upon.’’

The presidential aspirant said that Nigeria required a reawakening which cuts across ethno religious lines in order to rejuvenate the economy.

“ These are the core aspects I and my team shall be bringing to offer in driving Nigeria out of the woods of backwardness.

“I shall be contesting for the seat of President in the 2019 elections and this is a rallying call to call true compatriot to arise and save Nigeria,’’ he said.