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International Migrants Day: PSF Wants Brain Drain Reversed


The International Migrants Day is celebrated December 8th every year. The significance of this year’s celebration cannot be overemphasized. Facts and figures emanating from migration concerns are grim. We know that illlegal migration has plunged our world into a cesspool of horrors; Enslavement, accidents, forced prostitution, terrorism, sickness and death.

The desire to change locality especially by the active population of developing countries like Nigeria has led to great loss of lives and potentials. These losses also manifest in a mass exodus of our nation’s best brains who have reasons to desire better places where they believe their expertise are better utilized. This is called brain drain

“Migration in itself is not wrong. The global community needs skills and knowledge exchange. There is a need for smooth transfer of human resources. History has shown that humans migrate for different reasons. This may range from a sheer expression of a person and/or family’s interest in seeking life’s fulfillment in a different clime. Also, adversities like war, famine or other natural disasters have also created legitimate needs for migration.

“Nevertheless, migration remains one of the biggest sociopolitical, economic and diplomatic discourses around the world.

“PSF wishes to state, the implications of migration leaves a big toll on us as a nation. Firstly, our image has been consistently dented by the statistics of Nigerian citizens caught stranded in various transit countries particularly in Libya. Many of them end up in prison. The story of citizens who perish in the Mediterranean is also a grim reality of our country’s migration challenges.

“Another equally costly impact of migration (legal or illegal) is the mass of brilliant Nigerians who desert the country in search for greener pastures. Available records show there are about 2,500 Nigerian medical doctors practicing in the United States alone. More than half of this figure are in the United Kingdom. This apart from the over 300 who emigrated the country just last year. And the list is growing.

“Sadly, this is the trend in other important disciplines, including ICT, teaching. This ugly trend is not acceptable to us as an organizationTherefore, as parts of activities marking this year’s International Day of Migration, we at the Progressive Solidarity Forum PSF, urge the Nigerian Government to take an urgent step to reverse the ugly trend of illegal migration, brain drain, human trafficking and other vices associated with international migration.

“We demand that the issue be handled as a matter of national emergency. The intimidations and other inhuman conditions under which fellow Nigerians are made to live and work abroad, the continuous harvesting of our country’s bests by others societies are in our opinion sufficient grounds upon which the government should urgently act.

“PSF recognizes the efforts of the government to make the country more attractive to its citizens through massive infrastructural development and employment opportunities including the N-Power, we believe that they much can, and should be done to reverse the ugly trend of brain drain.

“Finally, the Progressive Solidarity Forum appreciate individuals and organizations that are on the vanguard of migration issues. As an organization with a mandate to secure for the people what is legitimately theirs, we look forward to collaborating with you in the coming year and securing a greater Nigeria for us all.

Together we shall make our world a better place.