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Yahaya Bello: The Worst Governor Ever For Workers? By Oziwere Atta Aisha’a.


Oziwere is the President of Union of Ebira Women in diaspora, endorsed Yahaya Bello for governor in 2015 because he promised to increase workers welfare and build more roads but today reverse is the case. We thought he is a God-­fearing man, a man that was voted by God is acting this way, if at all the electorates should have voted for him imaging what he will be doing by now.

“Yahaya Bello will go down in history as the worst governor for workers in Nigeria,” says Kudi Ijiji Secretary-Treasurer of the Women Youth Wing.

“Bello has a consistent record of attacking workers’ rights while failing to create jobs. Since the day Bello took office he has been looking to advance the wants and desires of his kobonaire and thousandnaire campaign donors at the expense of working people.”

How badly have unions been hit by Bello?  After three to four failed consecutive screening exercise that put an end to thousands of Kogi workers in the state, Bello has designed another means of reducing Kogi work forces through FAKE RESULTS SAGA. All the affected people should take fate and wait for the next government to RIGHT the WRONG. He used state funds to build mansion in his home state while cutting education by 10 percent. Let him cite an example where in Nigeria where government has come hard on workers? Look at the atrocities he has committed so far;

Lingering crisis between the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Kogi State University Chapter and the Government of Kogi State

The termination of the appointment of 135 academic staff of the university is unhealthy and inimical to progress and orderly development of the institution.

The termination of the appointment of 157 academic staff of the College of Technical, Kabba is unhealthy.

Unrecognized the employment of 500 Secondary School Teacher and other ministries


1. Work force as at January 2016 (when Governor Yahaya took over) 76,275

2. Staff cleared by verification/appeal committees 65,832, but those receiving 24,232

3. Uncleared Staff by verification/appeal committees 10,443 but add it 41,600 unpaid workers

4. Outstanding Salaries Between 2 and 18 months

5. Some Uncleared Staff have been pardoned No available figure

Almost two years of the screening exercise still continue at the government house, salaries are been paid from there, no MDAs know what is going on in their respective ministries.

Our findings have shown the following inflow of cash into the coffers of Kogi State government since 2016.

1. FAAC Allocations to the State 60, 500,000,000.00

2. FAAC Allocations (LGAs) 49, 300,000,000.00

3. FG bailout 20, 000,000,000.00

4. Paris Club Refund (1st & 2nd tranches) 17, 200,000,000.00

5. Internally Generated Revenue (estimated as at September 30, 2017) 20, 000,000,000.00

Total – N167, 000,000,000.00

According to an ex-governor, and I quote: “The elders say it is when a man marries the second wife that he knows who is better, I believe Kogites have learnt the lesson and the electorates also have learnt their lesson that Kogi state is more safe and secured in the hands of those that was voted by electorates than the one come through back yard”.

During Wada Idris administration, both ghost workers and genuine are paid, nothing like percentage at the state level, it was those selfish local government chairman that paid percentage due to their political interest. May the elders council from the central call their son to order.