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Pastor Married Me With Charm, Wife Tells Court


“My Lord, this man made me to undertake a blood covenant with him. He brought a kolanut with three lobes and gave me one to keep and himself took one. He also took my blood by cutting my skin with a razor in a container while he dipped the remaining lobe in the blood and we both ate it and now he is here to abandon me.”

A 30-year-old house wife, Mrs Samuel Toyin told an Ikare Akoko customary court in her defense in a divorce suit brought against her by her husband, one Pastor Samuel Ojo,

Mrs Ojo also told the Court that her husband deceived her into believing that she is the third wife he would be marrying only to discover that she is number nine when she was six months pregnant.

“My Lord, please save me from this heartless man who is fond of dumping women at will and also using them for ritual purposes. He want to dump me now that he has achieved his aim. I am under covenant with him and I am afraid something evil may happen, please save me from him,  she pleaded with the court.

Mr Samuel Ojo, a 43-yea- old man who claimed to be the founder and pastor of living Church, IkareAkoko had approached the court seeking to dissolve his two-year old marriage with his wife, Toyin on the grounds of frequent fighting, harassment,  and no rest of mind.

Pastor Samuel while stating his case before the court stated that his wife is always in the habit of fighting him whenever she sets her eyes on him and also tears his clothes at will.

The plaintiff, also told the court that the defendant always bite her whenever she fights him.

My Lord, this woman always fights me anytime she sees me, she tears my clothes at will and always bite me whenever she fights me. She also seized my motorcycle and thereby prevented me from carrying out my duties’

However, the wife in her reply to the claims of her husband denied all the allegations against her. She equally denied ever seizing his motorcycle but told the court that it was the plaintiff who kept same with her.

In its judgment, the court observed that at the initial stage of his statement, the plaintiff, Pastor Samuel Ojo lied in his testimony that he has three wives but later told the court that he is a husband to 20 wives that the wife told the court that her husband made her to believe she is the third wife but later realized that she is number nine only six months to her pregnancy.

It was also observed by the court that the plaintiff is fond of marrying women and dumping them after rendering them useless to themselves and the society.

The court also stated that it is privy to the fact that one of the women dumped by theplaintiff is now partially insane as he has made her overthink.

The court in his observation also stated that the only child of the union is a year and three months and it is against the Customary Court laws of Ondo State to divorce such persons and that he deceived the defendant to marry him when they were courting.

The Court therefore refused to grant the application of the plaintiff as his request was turned down.

According to the Court, the marriage could not be dissolved until the child is three years old when he could be weaned.

The Court also ordered that the plaintiff should pay the sum of N26, 000.00 to the defendant being the cost of her house rent starting from November this year and the same pay to the court registry to be collected by the defendant until she remarries.

The court also ordered the plaintiff to be paying a monthly feeding; allowance of N5, 000.00 for the child.

In the same vein, the court also ordered the plaintiff to be paying a monthly electricity bill for the defendant among others.

However, a 30-day-right of appeal was given to any of the party who is not satisfied with the judgment.