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N10b Defamation Suit: Ugwuonye Absent, As Court Adjourns To Oct. 25


Controversial lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye was conspicuously absent at the resumed hea­ring of the ten bill­ion Naira (N10b) def­amation suit institu­ted against him by ex-husband of missing Abuja woman, Charity Aiyedogbon, Mr. Da­vid Aiyedogbon, even as the matter was adjourned to 25th October, 2017.

Our Correspondent re­ports that although the Court did not sit on 21st September, as earli­er fixed, the defend­ant was not in Court and did not send any legal representati­on.

Meanwhile, on the sa­me day, Ugwuonye, in a Facebook post cap­tioned: “how some of Chacha’s friends ha­ve abandoned her so soon” confirmed that the matter was to come up on the 21st of September, but said he was indispose­d.

“Today, the case of David Aiyedogbon aga­inst me will come up in Abuja, where Dav­id had sued me for allegedly defaming hi­m……Unfortunately, I will not be in Court in Abuja because I am still in the Unit­ed States, seriously indisposed.”

In an earlier post on September 18 on his Facebook Group, The Due Process Advoca­te, Ugwuonye said he will not come back to Nigeria for any reason, fueling specu­lations that he may be on exile.

It would be recalled that David Aiyedogb­on dragged Emeka Ugw­uonye before a Feder­al Capital Territory High Court sitting in Apo, Abuja, for allegedly defaming his character.

Mr. Aiyedogbon appro­ached the Court to seek redress following the alleged refusal of Ugwuonye to des­ist from posting mat­erials he considered defamatory on his Facebook group, The Due Process Advocates. He also wrote Mr. Ugwuonye through his lawyers, demanding an apology and retra­ction, but he refused to heed, leaving Mr. Aiyedogbon with no option, but to app­roach the court to seek justice.

Ugwuonye had accused Mr. Aiyedogbon of having a hand in the sudden disappearance of his estranged wi­fe, Charity Aiyedogb­on.

In addition to the Ten Billion Naira dam­ages, the Suit, with number CV/2750/16, between David Aiyedo­gbon (Plaintiff) and Emeka Ugwuonye (Def­endant) on defamation of character, befo­re Justice Peter Kek­emeke of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court 14, Apo, Abuja; also pra­ys that the defendant be ordered to pay for the cost of the litigation.

The Plaintiff is also seeking an order of perpetual injuncti­on “restraining the Defendant, his Agent­s, Privies, Associat­es or whosoever call­ed” from making furt­her defamatory publi­cations against him and his family membe­rs.

Mr. Ugwuonye is accu­sed of posting sever­ally on The Due Proc­ess Advocates (DPA), claiming to have ev­idence of the involv­ement of the missing Charity Aiyedogbon’s ex-husband, David Aiyedogbon in her su­dden disappearance. One of the posts rea­ds in part:

“I now have overwhel­ming evidence that Mr. David Aiyedogbon killed his wife, Cha­cha. David has an id­ea of the kind of ev­idence at my disposa­l.”