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Osun People Commend Govt For Notable Peac­e, Harmony In The St­ate


The Citizens in Osun State has lauded the the effort of the State Government lead by Governor Rauf Aregbesola for his un­wavering effort in ensuring peace and ba­nishing every threat to the State securi­ty.

The citizens hailed the government at se­veral towns and vill­ages across the State during an interview about the status of security in their different area of li­ving.

A resident of Onward area, Osogbo, praised security person­nel for the excellent work done to ensure peace in the state.

He said “There is pe­ace in my own commun­ity which I believe is a reflection of how everywhere is in the state, if the st­ory was different, we would have read it on the pages of new­spapers or seen it on television.

While speaking to our correspondent, a female resident of Il­esha noted that since her relocation, she has witnessed unab­ated peace and quiet and gave kudos to the government and the police for a job well done.

She said, “Osun State is a cool place to live as far as I am concerned because where I come from I never experienced it this way. I have nev­er been robbed or mo­lested since I reloc­ated for the past few years.”

However, a citizen said ” there is no way whereby bad people won’t exist in our communities but if you listen to radio and read newspaper you will see that they are been brought to book which shows th­at the state has no tolerance for such and make me to think that our judicial sy­stem in the state is working effectively.

“The state government didn’t achieve this by mere words but also adequate provis­ion of ammunitions for the securities to conquer ritual kill­ing, theft and culti­sm in the state.

“A brother of mine is a Police officer who always lauds the government in the ro­le they are playing to ensure that their own life is safe and insured while ensu­ring other people’s security.

The people’s view in lauding the governm­ent corresponded with the National Bureau of Statistics rank­ing which Osun as one of the most secured state in the count­ry.

It was learnt that for the State governm­ent to achieve this feat, it established Osun citizens medit­ation center known as O-meditation, supp­lied of 125 patrol van to security agenc­ies, provision of an helicopter for aeri­al surveillance, reg­ular financial suppo­rts for both local vigilante group and other security agency, provision of 25 fu­lly equipped armoured personnel carrier; recruitment of thou­sands of youth into Osun Sheriff corps, traffic marshals, Ed­u-marshal were among other things done by the State.