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EFCC Scam: Magu’s Crony Gets N200m Graft, Sexually Assaults Suspect’s Wife – Investigation


Information available to 247ureports.com indicates all may not be well at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC]. This is following the shooting incident that occurred at the offices of the EFCC where it was believed one of the agents of the EFCC was targeted for an attack by a suspect under the criminal investigative lens of the EFCC.

Available information gleaned from highly placed sources within the EFCC revealed that the attack on EFCC back in August – where a hand written note was left behind by the supposed assailant may have come from a source already familiar with the EFCC. The hand written note mentioned Ishaku Sharu as the target of the attack.
Further investigation conducted by agents within the EFCC reveals what may be the likely causes of the attack. It uncovered that Ishaku Sharu who is considered the Man Friday for the acting Chairman of the EFCC who handles virtually all the sensitive cases under the Magu led EFCC, including the arms deal investigation and the arrest of Dasuki, the former NSA boss – may have firsthand knowledge of the assailant.
Ishaku Sharu, the investigation uncovered had headed an investigation team that investigated a suspect [name withheld to protect sexually assaulted wife ]. During the course of the investigation, Ishaku Sharu and the suspect began talks on settlement and/or bribe in exchange for the case to be dropped. Our indicates that an initial sum as high as N500million was demanded.

The suspect and Sharu settled on the sum of N200million in return for the settled case. The suspect agreed. The payment was made. But shortly after the payment was made, the suspect discovered Sharu had used same ploy on his wife – threatening reopening of the case should she not play ball. The wife succumbed and allowed Sharu have his way with her repeatedly – “against her will ”.

Our source explained the practice of exchange of bribe in return for a dropped case under the Magu led EFCC has reached record levels. “It has become the order of the day ”. The acting Chairman of the EFCC utilizes Sharu as a utility player in the sense that he “runs dirty errands of boss, who shares bribes with him …and blackmail people, if they don’t want to be ‘media tried’” . He explained that the duo of Sharu and Magu would use the threat of trial in the media to blackmail their suspects into letting go of what monies asked of them.
Interestingly, the source points to the undue influence of the Nigerian Police Force [NPF] inside the EFCC. He attributes the escalating levels bribery and corruption to the culture in the police cadre. According to the source, “the ‘Core Management Operative’ should be given a chance for the first time to pilot the affairs of the anti-graft agency”. He explains the ‘Core Management Operative’ as “regular/core staff of the Agency, who are not policemen brought on secondment to the anti-graft agency …but employed as staff within and/or trained by the same anti-graft agency. We call them cadets”.
He lamented the culture of corruption currently bedevilling the EFCC. He recalled that the chairman recently went on a foreign trip to Vienna – where he took his man-Friday along. “ Their close association is because of the shady deals they carry out using each other ”. He explains that the acting EFCC Chairman will use his position to shield his man away from undergoing a real probe. “ DSS must be brought in to do an unbiased investigation” .
Already, 247ureports.com has firsthand confirmation that various security agencies have been tasked by the presidency to investigate the activities of the acting chairman. The investigation is presently ongoing.

Source- http://247ureports.com