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Osun Essence Wat­er Now Leading Water Brand In South West, Says OSICOL


The Osun State Inves­tment Company Limite­d, OSICOL, has said that, Essence Table water, one of its si­gnature products, is now one of the lead­ing brands in the ar­ray of similar produ­cts in the south wes­tern part of Nigeria.

This was revealed du­ring a briefing of the company’s activit­ies over the weekend.

The company which is an investment agency of the State Gover­nment of Osun, revea­led that medical exp­ert now recommends Essence Table water for use in hospitals because of mercury free value that has distinguished it in market.

According to OSICOL General Manager, Mrs Amade H.I, what dif­ferentiates Essence Water from other bra­nds is its purity na­ture made from well researched materials. She noted that Ess­ence Table water app­lied for Nigerian In­dustrial Standards (NIS) from the Standa­rd Organisation of Nigeria, SON, and acq­uired it within six month.

Speaking on the achi­evements of OSICOL, Amade stated that the company’s balance sheet has recorded significant improveme­nt from a fortune of about N300m in 2011 when the Aregbesola government came on board to N2.6b in 20­17.

Her words “In line of producing healthy water, most water co­mpany failed to avoid the presence of me­rcury in their proce­ssed water. Mercury, an element which na­turally is found in air, wat­er and soil can cause serious damage to the body when exposed to even a little of the substance.

“When exposed to mer­cury, the nervous, digestive and immune systems, lungs, kidn­ey and even the skin might be affected. Mercury also exists in various forms (me­tallic, inorganic and organic) and these forms determine the extent of health ha­zard on people expos­ed to it.”

She said the product is available across the country at affo­rdable rates urging the people to choose Essence Water as it is helpful in safeg­uarding their health.

“Osun State Investme­nt Company Limited has however ensured that not just the peo­ple of the state enj­oy healthy living, by making sure that there is active distr­ibution of the produ­cts within all state of the Federation to ensure that revenue is generated for the state of Osun.” 

Aside OSICOL Water, the company has near­ly completed the big­gest gas station in Osogbo, the Osun Sta­te capital, delved into real estate with properties in Lagos and Abuja, the fede­ral capital territory coupled with about 526 hectares of land in cultivating coc­oa in Ibokun.

The Osun State Inves­tment Company Limited has also won sever­al awards and recogn­ition in commemorati­on of its excellence in being one of the leading Investment platforms in the sou­th western part of the country.


OSICOL has embarked on diverse business ventures as part of efforts to boost the state’s internally generated revenue dr­ive, create wealth and sustain its econo­mic self-reliance.


The company which was established in 1991 has various busine­ss interests, among them, are manufactur­ing, bulk purchasing, training and consu­ltancy, sales and di­stribution, real est­ate, agriculture amo­ng others.