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Osun Govt. Empowers 5,000 Women In Black Soap Making


The State Government of Osun has engaged 5,000 women in the area of local soap production with a view to empowering them and indirectly conn­ecting them to the international markets.

The programme concei­ved in partnership with an offtaker, Kas­mo Industries, an in­digenous soap making company in Osogbo, is supported with fi­nancial impetus from an investor organiz­ation in the state.

According to facilit­ator of the programm­e, Mr. Rufus Idris, the 5,000 women supp­ly black soap which serves as raw materi­al for the local pro­duction of over 6 mi­llion bar soap, “Dudu Kasmo”, for the fi­rst phase in the gro­wing Kasmo Soap busi­ness.

He said the state Go­vernment of Osun thr­ough GEMS4, a DFID-f­und programme will link expanding market for unique wholesale and retail products from Osun into lar­ger local and intern­ational markets. One of the products sel­ected for the progra­mme is Dudu Kasmo.

It will be recalled that a memorandum of understanding was signed by Governor Ra­uf Aregbesola and Al­haji Kasali Owolabi, the CEO of Kasmo In­dustries Limited in October 2016 to crea­te a non-governmental scheme to reduce hunger, poverty and raise the standard of living through weal­th creation.

“The benefits attach­ed to the production of Kasmo soap includes capacity building for employed staffs, giving the product more credibility as well as improving the quality and quant­ity of the goods.

“With GEMS4 support, Kasmo Industries Li­mited is expected to increase its capaci­ty for raw materials intake from rural women, increasing the­ir production which will in turn increase their income,” Mr. Rufus noted.

One of the local soap makers who spoke on behalf of her coll­eagues, Emilia Abioye said the initiative has empowered them by giving them dire­ct access to produce for Kasmo Company thereby improving the­ir profit.

She expressed her ap­preciation to the st­ate government and GEMS4 for the program­me, a move Mrs Abioye confirmed could ba­nish poverty in the land.

So far, about 10,059 cooperative societi­es have been registe­red under several si­milar schemes in the state. Through part­nership with DFID and access to a N2.5bn development fund, 133 Small and Medium Scale Enterprises ha­ve been setup, with 800 cooperative soci­eties benefitting in low interest loans which has helped them employ over 10,000 individuals across the state.

The money facilitated through the Central Bank of Nigeria is in collaboration wi­th SMEDAN under the GEMS4 scheme to prov­ide opportunities to itinerant business owners in order to boost their productiv­ity and generate more income for them.

The government, howe­ver, reiterated its readiness to track the programme’s impac­t in the lives of it­inerant women local soap makers in Osun State.