Speaking the Nations Mind

Nigeria Is Crumbling Right Under Your Feet, Fani-Kayode Writes Osinbajo



Your Excellency,

I trust that you are well despite the fact that your principal is still at large.

Permit me to take this opportunity to respond to your gratutious insult and your irresponsible and irreverant assertion about those of us that have been at the forefront of the fight for restructuring our nation for many years.

You claim that those that are calling for restructuring are only doing so in order to get an appointment. You measure others by your own squalid standards and you do nothing but take shameless dictation from a tiny cabal of faceless shape-shifting reptilians, corpsocrats, bloodsucking demons and vampires.
What a sorry impasse you have brought us to. We had hoped that you would be a man and stand up like one whilst your “father” was away trying to recover from his ill-health and many afflictions in London but this was not to be.

Nigeria is crumbling right under your feet and falling apart because you have refused to rise up to the occassion, muster the required strength and moral authority to set things right and build bridges of fraternity and friendship and ensure that there is justice and fairness to all in the land.

Under you no Fulani herdsmen have been arrested. Under you Boko Haram has gone from bad to worse. Under you the Arewa Youth threatened a whole ethnic race with eviction and genocide yet none of them were arrested.

Under you the Yoruba youth have said they do not want restructuring anymore but what they want is secession. Under you IPOB brought the whole of the south east to a stand-still and today they reign supreme in that region and zone.

Under you stage-managed pictures of our ailing President were put out with visiting governors which were proof of life but which did not ondicate whether he was mentally or physically well enoufh to come home and rule our nation. 90 days down the line and ww still dont know what is wrong with him and how much longer he will be away.

Not only has the President gone missing but even the presidential jet that took him to the UK and that was parked at Stanstead
Airport waiting for him for the last three months has now reportedly also gone missing.

Ours has become an international shame and we are now the laughing stock of the world because you find it very hard to tell us the truth. Even CNN and the Washington Post, your good friends that helped to bring you to power, are now mocking you.

Yet you do not care and you continue to act as if all is well.
It is so bad that you did and said nothing when your fellow Redeemed Pastor (who happened to be a woman) was slaughtered right under your nose in Abuja recently. You did not even attend her burial.

Instead of doing the right thing and soothing frayed nerves you are encouraging division in our nation and you are consolidating and perpetuating a ruthless and heartless quasi-apartheid system of government which has no basis in deceny, rationality, justice or fairness.

It is a cruel and barbaric system which sees a few as the master race and the rest as slaves. Given all this how can you possibly live with yourself and how can you hold your head up high?

He said those fighting for restructuring are just looking for an appointment. Permit me to ask the following questions.

Is it the leaders of the south, Afenifere, Ohaeneze and the Niger Delta that are looking for appintments? Or is it the leaders of the Middle Belt?

Is it Baba Fasoranti, Baba Ayo Adebanjo, General Alani Akinrinade, Chief Amos Akingba, Bishop Gbonigi, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi or Chief Olu Falae?

Is it Chief John Nwodo, Governor Victor Ezeife or Chief Arthur Nwankwo? Is it Chief E.K. Clark, Chief Solomon Asemota SAN or Chief Albert Horsefall?

Is it General TY Danjuma, General Dogonyaro or General Zamani Lekwot? Is it Atiku Abubakar who was the Vice President that you are today 18 years ago?

Is it the respected Baba Bisi Akande who has been calling for us to go back to the 1963 regional structure and form of government? Is it General Ibrahim Babangida who was Head of State 32 years ago?

What appointment can you or Buhari possibly offer any of them at their age and with their wealth of knowledge and experience? Why should you measure these distinguished and respected people, most of whom are old enough to he your father, by your own sordid standards?

Honestly you have lost it completely. You have betrayed your people and jettisoned their cause. You have ignored their call for justice and equity and you have turned a deaf ear to their cry for deliverance.

Some will call you a shamelss coward but I will not go that far out of respect for your office. I am however constrained to say that I have lost the great respect that I once had for you.

In short you are a self-serving modern-day Afonja who will eventually be consummed by those who he has joined forces with to destroy his own people and the children of the Living God. Thus sayest the Lord.

My regards to your family Your Excellency and kindly convey my warmest greetings and special felicitations to your brother “Jebi” who I am very fond of and was very friendly with whilst at London University in the early 1980’s.